LBA/CBA game -- the Seinfield style

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  1. I was reading some previous interesting threads that all discuss about our
    buying habits and I was thinking of one episodes of Sienfield where the four
    friends in the group propose not to have something silly and I don't remember
    what exactly that silly thing is -- it is either no se- or no masta--tion
    (spelling) and whoever does it first loses the game and the last one standing
    without that silly thingy wins the bet. And I don't remember who wins but I
    remember Kramer was the first one to go, and I love Kramer.

    That is the proposal for the LBA/CBA game. The game starts on April 15, say for
    3 months, and let's see who holds the longest in not buying anything and that
    includes watchlist in ebay with 0 item and probably some more strictest
    measures. Camera repair/accessories/rental/film processing are excluded as we
    need to enjoy our hobbies. Just no camera and lens buying.

    I want to see who wins without Ebay watchlist, any lens/camera purchase for 3
    months till July 15. It is an honest system and report back every month end who
    bought something.

    I am in! More suggestions to make it fun after tax time are more than welcome.
    It may help us clear our mind and see if we are out of control -- I know I am,
    especially few month ago. And I hope the three month trial on photography only
    without gear hunting allow us to clear our mind in seeing what we actually need
  2. hehe - Good job I've just bought the 50-135 DA* and the funky new Metz flashgun! :)
  3. Not fair... I already know the winner ;))
  4. I'm not playing!. I really don't have a problem. It's all of you that has the problem. Not me! really I can stop any time I want to, I just don't want to right now. I have lenses I need. Really, I can justify each and every need. So I know it's not me it's all of you.

    What's the first of the 12 steps?.....
  5. I have recently spent some money for photo equipment and for now I think I am done. But 3 months is very long time :) Anyway, I am in.
  6. somehow this doesn't seem fair. I now have a 45-135mm in my head - Hin, and you put it there... and then you throw a competition on me?

    AND I want that lens...

    can we start this competition after I get it? :)
  7. i am master of my domain.

    unfortunately, though, my kit lens will be getting replaced before my family vacation in early July, so I'm out.
  8. I'm actually considering a way around this... let's consider...

    what if ...

    we share lenses?

    then no-one breaks the rules and we each get to try out 'new' glass?

  9. That's it Rose. We'll borrow each others unused glass. Just pay a nominal rental fee plus shipping that is about the same as the value of the reselling price. So that's not a purchase right? Just a long term rental.
  10. I wasn't thinking that far...

    I was just thinking about Hin's 45-135mm - and, wondering if it would break the rules if I got it, and sent him ... (say my 35mm F2 as a trade item) until the 3 months ended, and I could buy the zoom from him outright... :)

    Since Hin just got himself a k10d - I'm sure he'd like some more automatic glass to play with... (Like Eve - I too can tempt...) :) "eat the apple, darn it!" :D
  11. Rose, I reckon that if you send Hin his cheque for the 45-135mm before the 15th, you're OK.

    As for me, I was IN...until Hin said "and that includes watchlist in ebay with 0 item". NOOOOOO!!!! You can't take that away from me! Not my watch list, Hin! How am I going to feed my inner evil child if it's not by watching people buy used FA 50s for more than they cost new!?!? If we can change the eBay rule, I would be in.

    Hin, what about accessories? I need to buy some caps within the next months or so.

    This could be the beginning of our 12-step program.

    Lord, Grant me the serenity
    to accept there are lenses I cannot buy

    Courage to bid on the ones I can

    And Wisdom to know the difference
  12. I wonder if this counts presents too... for instance.. my birthday is in July - and, every year - I have two great friends who ask me what I want... and, they get it for me...

    If I were to say ... the 77mm... would that take me out of the competition?
  13. what are we thinking about...

    imagine this - the ones who don't agree to this, get cheaper prices on ebay because the rest of us have stopped bidding for the next 3 months...

    and then they come on here, and brag about how lucky they were to win such a great deal -

    imagine all the posts of new lenses, or if a rebate comes out, and we can't shop it - because of the competition...

    And, then - if a few people drop out early - and, post their new purchases, we'll all grumble because we're gonna really 'hate' this not-shopping deal.

    Mis: you're allowed to buy accessories - Hin said "no" only to cameras and lenses....

    I'm thinking an extension tube could be considered an accessory, flashes, reflectors, mono-pods... there's still a ton of shopping we can take advantage of - if we decide to go through with this competition... It could be a good way to round out our kit of all those bits and pieces we'd avoided because our money was going into "sweet" primes...

    Still, come April 25th - any emails that come out, posting pics and raving about the quality of the new 200mm, or some other lens (and an online sale of "buy one, get one half off"- I'm gonna' really hate that poster...
  14. Let me just go ahead and end this cursive hysteria.


    There, that should be better :)
  15. We'll just have to RENT lenses ->
    Camera Lens Rental
    Then we'll have to deal with CLRS (Compulsive Lens Rental Syndrome)
  16. Gift are excluded. Again watchlist for active item need to be ZERO. No bidding allowed even if you intend to jack up the price for others. You can only watch, perhaps with bookmark and stumble upon to cater the need for ebay watchlist. It is the evil of all of my purchases.

    An email apology is sent to Rose as I have temporarily decided not to sell my poor man's choice of DA * 50-135 -- my Pentax K 45-125 as it is well suited for my needs with kid's portraits.

    Selling is allowed in the game as it is meant to trim our gear, clear our head and focus on photography instead of gear hunting. After this, I will wipe out all of my watchlist in ebay. The game started for me today, buy you guys have it till 4/15 to start.
  17. So we have between now and tuesday to finish our bids/& pay on ebay?

    (who am I fooling - I already know I'm going to fail at 3 months of no lens shopping...)

    I'm giving myself two weeks before I fold...
  18. shame about the watch list thing... but, I'm sure it's to prevent temptation...

    still - I need lenses for my mamiya... "one lens does not a camera make... " ;)
  19. Accessories and gifts from others are excluded and the simple rule is no new purchase on lens and cameras and no watch list. There are many ways to escape the rules but your conscience will tell you if you lose. I am open to trading for lens instead of buying new and used gear. Use your own judgment for no new purchases on both lens and cameras.
  20. Wow, without Hin shopping victoriously, just imagine all the bargains that will be left unwatched!

    I've been told by a few folks over the years not to make promises I can't keep...
  21. I have drafted up my gear list in this blog post

    and you can see that I have identified 12 items for sale, donation, and gift to friends. I will continue to upgrade my gear list with roadmap as suggested by Tom and probably Miserere to get focused. And by 4/15, I will send out links to share with you guys the gem page for old lens that I frequent, the Kiron and the M42 gems. I remember Kramer in that Seinfield episode with a silly bet on 'no s-- and mast-----on' come back the next day (maybe hours) after the bet and declared 'out-of-the-game'. The reason comes from his window facing a bathroom and his pretty neighbor is not helping him to succeed with an open shower window in NY. And Kramer tossed out the $5.00 bill on table and say 'she is all there undressed, what am I supposed to do, I am ouuuuuut of the game, got to go.' And the next day probably comes Elain and it is just as hilarious.
  22. Hin, Fox had the rerun of that episode on a few weeks ago - shame to say I stayed awake to watch it - I'm more a night owl than morning person.

    the bet only was to not 'M' - and - spent the episode showing the miserable remaining 3 - not being able to sleep at night ... until one after the other succumbed. And - George won.

    I'm wondering why we're planning to torture ourselves like this... no lens shopping? It didn't make any sense for Seinfeld and his cohorts -and - does not buying a great peice of glass make sense for any of us?

    besides - you never said what the 'prize' for succeeding is. I think it should be self driven. For every week - we don't buy a lens - we put $10 in a pot. On July 15 - for those who survived it - they take the pot and treat themselves to the 'lens' of their dreams.

    For those who don't succeed. - The pot - up until week of 'loss' - goes to charity.

    Does that sound like something we can live with?

    meaning - If math is correct - 12 weeks = $120
    - not the cost of a full lens - unless we're shooting for older glass - but, it could be part of a downpayment on that new 200mm... (now if they'd just lower the price on that...)
  23. I can just see it now. Me standing up at the dinner table in front of all my friends and saying..."Hi, my name is Michael I am a lensaholic. I have been buying lens for over twenty years. I am sitting with ten 50mm F.2 lenses. I am out of control. I need help. I spend more time on EBay than with my wife."

    I have a solution. Mis I will send you some funds, you buy the lens and then deliver them to me in person on one of your many trips across this great land of ours. That would not count as if I bought them would it? Sigh. If a tamaron 1.4X MC4 converter comes up for sure I will lose.
  24. I'm watching 47 items on eBay and bidding on 13... well, only "seriously" bidding on 2 lenses right now... trying to get my hands on a nice 28mm lens since the 1.5 crop factor on the k10d is not getting me a normal perspective using my smc 50mm f/1.4 lens. So, is that an immediate disqualification? (I'm guessing yes). If there is a local Lenaholic Anonymous let me know... I'm tempted to bid on a CZJ Flektogon 20mm f/4 because "it looks cool". Somebody help me!! ;)
  25. David, it does look cool.
  26. Love you guys, I managed to delete all of my active ebay watchlist today. It will take me sometime to delete even the ended watchlist. I manage not to look today. But I have to say, David & Andrew gets me to search for Flektogon, shame!
  27. lololol - nobody said no tempting the others!!!!

    I'm in! I bet matt is, too. helps that we really have all the lenses we need right now.... & the
    business has no lens $$....

    Now what was that about a prize pot?!?!??
  28. Are all of you just trying to push the economy over the edge into FULL RESSESION?? How selfishly unpatriotic... I'm ashamed at the very thought of it. In these times of economic slow down it is your duty to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND... We have to keep the global economic top spinning... Think DA*, Limited's, new bodes, ... Please, Please... buy them for the children's future... I'll do my part... ;)
  29. I understand your sarcasm, but is good to know that producing a DSLR consumes as much resources as for 2 tons of rice, for example...

    Sure, 2 tons of rice are gone in a week, but a DSLR will last... up to the next upgrade, and after thet, require other resources to be recicled...

    Or, other way to put it, for the FF fanatics: you waste the silicium of the planet ! With the silicium needed for one big fat FF sensor you can do two DX sensors, or a lot of P&S ;)) Not speaking about the horrible fat FF lenses ;)
  30. "Or, other way to put it, for the FF fanatics: you waste the silicium of the planet ! With the silicium needed for one big fat FF sensor you can do two DX sensors, or a lot of P&S ;)) Not speaking about the horrible fat FF lenses ;)"

    Yes, what will happen to all our beaches!?!?
  31. Well, will grind glass back into sand :D

    Sand SMC coated, what a luxury...
  32. There was another Seinfeld episode where George discovers that he becomes more intelligent if he abstains from sex. I wonder if we'll become smarter if we don't buy any lenses...

    I haven't bought a lens in 1 month 3 days. I definitely feel smarter than I did in February.

    By the way Hin, seeing as I'm already 1 month ahead of everyone, can I end the challenge 1 month early?
  33. It is my 2nd day without ebay watching, life seems doable for 2 days. But I have to see how I hold out for 3 months without new gear. The point for the game is not to torture oneself without a purpose. And though I love Kramer but I don't want to be like him to be the first guy out of the game.

    I just want to see how well I can control myself in buying. When I look at my gear list, I don't notice the obvious buying problem but when I do the counting, I have gear purchased and not used for a single shot for 5 months -- that is absurd. The idea is to see how in-control or out-of-controlI can get back hopefully without gear hunting. If I spend the time on photography, I want to spend the time on learning, the flash that I have not tried, the free photo editing software that I never tried, and the books and resources that are at my fingertip.

    Everyone tries to show off photos of new gear that we have and I am no exception. It is time for me to go back to the basics and reinvent myself with my own current gear, and the old cameras and lens that I have not touched in months and years.
  34. @Miserere "By the way Hin, seeing as I'm already 1 month ahead of everyone, can I end the challenge 1 month early?"

    I will suggest to use your own judgment, this game is all about self discipline, which I have little.
  35. Well I was just outbid on my last remaining auction, so perhaps I can play. As someone here suggested, I made myself a "road map" of the types of photography I do and the lenses I already have; in doing so I realized I essentially have it all covered. And heck, only one lens can go on a camera at a time, and I only carry one camera around, so really what am I doing with all these? Sure some of the lenses I have aren't that great and I hardly use them. But if I upgraded would I really use a new one more?

    I've thought about giving each lens a one day work out, shooting only with that one and seeing what I get. The beauty of digital for me is feeling free to experiment a bit more in this way. In trying to convince myself I needed a 31mm limited, I rediscovered my old M 28mm/3.5 - and took some nice pictures. Hmmm. :)
  36. Nick, that is the very essence of the game if it works out. Don't take it as torture but take it as an opportunity to discover how good our current gear is. Be it a lens you have not used for years or your first camera that is collecting dust in the drawer.

    When someone posts a beautiful picture from a 31mm, show how you do it with your old 28mm f/3.5. If they are close enough for our viewing pleasures and our own judgment, that pays itself for the torture.
  37. Ok Hin, I'll join the group (here goes the price drop). I just won an FA*300mm f4.5. So I'm on day 4. 3 months right? July 11th is my go nuts date I guess. Should give me lots of time to give the 300 a serious workout.
  38. Sign up thread posted on 4/15/2008 by Rose in this thread:
  39. Seinfield clips are posted in my blog:

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