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  1. These are my last few pictures from Sydney. The visit was most enjoyable with weather alternating between 110 F and 55 F with breezy intervals and rains.
  2. I used to walk about four miles every day to regain some strength. The building facades and shopping variety was very interesting. There was an interesting Book Store that sold both old and new books. They had a library full of stacks with open access on the main and mezzanine floors. It was managed by a single middle aged woman. She had a computerized catalogue system that was a part of a network of similar shops around the country. She claimed that the shop had more than a 100,000 volumes on the stacks! Others, she could get through the network in about a week or two.
  3. A typical residential street in New Town with what they term Terrace Housing. This pattern is not found in the newer suburbs. New Town seems to have gone through a lot of renewal due to new residents who are mostly professionals of the middle class. Many are immigrants from around the world, from the Mediterranean to Japan.
  4. Many are split into two to provide similar side by side homes. All of them have a back yard; but the frontage is on the street. It is an interesting method of "doubling" of the households.
  5. This part of new Town had some schools and religious institutions. I noticed a Greek orthodox community complex of a church plus school etc. A few hundred metres away there was a Budhist Meditation Center. These provided a relief from the intensely commercial facades along the Bazaar, full of Italian, Greek, Thai, Viet Namese and other restaurants and coffee shops. The wine stores are known locally as “Bottle shops” in Ozz English. I found some excellent new Zealand Pinot Noir, as good as Paul Mason’s of yester year
  6. Nicely fenced away from the road and at a lower level. They have done a great job on noise-reduction even on the steel rails. We stayed only about four homes away from the fence on a cross street. We were rarely disturbed by the RR noise, though the trains were frequent
  7. The Bridge & Highway are to the newer suburbs. The newer suburbs, built on hilly tracts near the Sea seemed opulent, with many Marinas and boat sales yards, plus high prized restaurants. The clouds modulated the back-lighting for this picture. That is all about Sydney. I enjoyed the visit. sp.
  8. Hi Subbarayan, Lovely pictures and nice scenes. I can see that you have remarkable good eyes for street photo. So the questions; film and developer combination? And your glass might still be legacy from the DDR (GDR)…?
  9. Thanks Helge! Yes the lens was Oreston 50mm f/1.8 on Praktica Nova 1B. The film was ORWO UN54 from Wolfen. Developer is my home brew made from X-Ray chemicals that are vailable in bulk here. I am glad you liked the pictures. sp.
  10. Great coverage, SP. It's hard to beat a good walk to take in the scenery at a nice relaxed pace, which allows ample time for photos. You always do a good job of giving us a look at every place you visit. As always, your combination of UN54 and home brew developer deliver nice tones. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Great work, you have the knack of capturing the character of a place in a non judgmental way.
  12. Another great walk around Sydney, this time in the areas I enjoy when I visit. Love the power poles in Pic#5; they're in worse shape than ours, which are gradually being replaced by concrete, not nearly so picturesque. And I'm pleased you've discovered our NZ Pinot Noir; I live in one of the principal wine-growing areas and the best Pinot Noir is now well beyond my pocket. You do have a great eye for the street scene, something I've never managed to cultivate. Thanks, SP, I look forward to more of your expeditions.
  13. Being an ex electricity distribution engineer, I didn't like to mention the mess of poles and overhead wires.
  14. Always a pleasure to see your images, and here the added treat of the exotic location of your street scenes. Well done.
    My Novas never worked like yours do. Maybe it's me. ;)
  15. William Michael

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    I have enjoyed the three "Sydney" packages that you have posted. I enjoyed the photos and also yours and others commentary about Sydney - it is nice to view Sydney thorugh others' eyes.
    Thank you.
  16. Thanks Mike! I use to walk a mile to school since I was a kid, 6 years old. That habit has grown with age nicely. Yes, we do perceive more things as we amble along. John, I like that adjective “non-judgmental”; it has a nice esthetic ring to it. Thanks Rick; I think that I have observed earlier that you have a unique perceptual mode to street scenes. Your pictures often portray the street “as if time stood still”. I think that is a special talent and approach, very rarely seen. Many photographers chase activities. When you don't, it makes the approach unique. Thanks JDM for the very encouraging words. I think the Sydney ambiance inspired my approach, a lot. William W., thanks for sharing your thoughts. Doubly nice to know that you are a native; I really enjoyed my stay there.
  17. As William says, great to see an outsiders view of this city, along with your comments and usual interesting street photography. I do avoid the big cities these days, going there only if I really must!
    When you have finished that NZ wine, don't forget to try a Hunter Valley Semillon...mmm.

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