Lake landscape

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  1. Near a Golf Course.
    Pacific Grove 15b_Crespi Pond_1.jpg
  2. Here's another Canadian lake. Pentax 67. TCAN27jL (1190x1500).jpg
  3. Somewhere in Georgia, Europe

  4. ጥቁ The origin of the Blue NIle at Lake Tana
  5. 13ALAN Lago Cazador-Photo Net-b-FZuikoAuto-T70.jpg
    Half frame Olympus Pen F. Olympus Auto T70. Kodak Panatomic-X ISO 32 ​
  6. Yellowstone Lake scan s.jpg
    Yellowstone Lake. Scan from 4x5 Tmax-100 negative.
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  8. Tribute to Ivan Aivazovsky

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