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  1. Can anyone recommend a professional lab in Kyoto, which will hand processes 35 and 120 b&w negs?
  2. Look up
    Horiuchi Color in Osaka
    Pro-Lab Create in Osaka
    Horiuchi Color in Nagoya
    I'd email them to determine if they fulfill your criteria. There are others too. If you are really picky, send a test roll (identical exposures) to several labs at the same time...and you should get what you're looking for. Not sure if that applies there, but I'd wait till Tues/ the lab uses fresh soup after the Monday (after the weekend) madness.
  3. thank you. does anyone happen to have any suggestions for a lab (or individual) in kyoto proper?
  4. I am not familiar with any professional labs in Kyoto but I would have to imagine that there could be (given that it is a large city). You could try contacting the Yodobashi Kyoto location and see what they suggest.
  5. thank you for the additional reply.
  6. Yodobashi near Kyoto Station processes 35/120, as does Camera Naniwa on Shijo. Both take about a week.

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