Konica super wide 17mm disposable users?

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  1. I know Konica made one of these and it was not a full frame camera
    but had a good 17mm lens on it, then it became the superwide full
    frame with 17mm lens on it. Then they discontinued it! I just found
    about a dozen of these locally and would like to reload it with maybe
    slower color film or go for black and white film in it. Anyone
    familiar with this camera OR anyone reload one?
  2. About a month ago I found a page with detailed information
    on how to hack that camera so it can be reused,
    but I seem to have lost the link and can't find it now. I remember
    once the hack is completed you have to reload the film in a darkroom
    and the frame counter has to be disabled in order for it to work.
    I was researching those cameras a while ago and I think they are still being
    made. The last time I checked they were listed on the Canadian Konica-Minolta
    website, but not on the US Konica-Minolta site. it does seem like there
    are a fair number of dealers still selling them new online.
  3. I owned a similar model of Agfa with a 17mm-lens. First I tried to reload it, but then I
    disassembled the cam and mounted the lens on a Zorki 4K (cardboard and tape) with good
  4. I just found the link I was looking for. It has information on how
    to reload the Konica Superwide and other single use cameras.

  5. Thanks Mark, I found that page earlier and it seems to be for the first version of the konica which was a fake panorama with a reduced size film gate. The new version is full frame but I dont know if they
    changed it like most makers to use a special spool of film for winding to keep others from reloading them....
  6. Funny thing... I saw that article a while ago and search high and low for that Konica, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Last week I went into my favorite camera shop and lo and behold, there was a pile of them they were trying to get rid off (I think they still have a few as of yesterday). I picked one up and shot the roll in it and then dismantled it. It looks like it's a full frame and I'm getting back the film today. But, it looks pretty difficult to reload. I'm going to hold off on reloading it until I see the results. I should have scans by Monday...
  7. Steve let us know how the pix come out! Does it use a special film
    cassette sprocket to keep you from reloading it? thanks.
  8. Believe it or not this camera is not focused for infinity. It is set for shooting group shots at about 20 feet. At infinity foucus is not allowed. try them and see what I mean.

  9. Believe it or not this camera is not focused for infinity. It is set for shooting group shots at about 20 feet. At infinity foucus is not allowed. try them and see what I mean. Larry

    It should not be set for infinity on such a wide angle lens anyway. Ideally the focus point would be only about 6ft with depth of field keeping it all in decent focus.
  10. Infinity will be out of focus.
  11. Infinity will take care of itself. Thats why these cant be focused. No need to. These lenses are probably F11 or F16 so depth of field will cover any focus problems. Take ANY wide angle lens 28mm or less and stop it down to F8 and everythings in focus no mater where you put the focus ring just about. Even more so with a shorter lens and smaller aperture. If you focus your landscape shots at infinity your loosing a lot of depth of field sharpness in your foreground. If you have a picture from this exact camera showing infinity not in focus could you please post it?
  12. Rob I find that infinity is not as sharp with this camera with the 17mm as a throwaway with a 28mm and it is a clash of words it how you think of infinity and I do. Infinity and DOF do have a focal point .. that camera does not meet my point of a focal point at infinity. Larry
  13. Here is a shot I took here in Seattle last weekend. The bridge in the background is about a mile away and it is not sharp. The film is the Konica 800. Very grainy. I'm still not sure I can reload this camera, or want too...
  14. I've made some experiments with this camera. The lens is a f/11 focused very close, infinity is out of focus. Shutter speed is 1/100 and the camera is loaded with 800 ISO film. This lead to 4 stop overexposure in bright sun thus grain. However I think the lens is sharp and may give excellent results between 0,4 m and 2,5 m. The camera is easy to reload Reload it with 100 ISO and use it on a sunny day, but shoot people not landscapes.
    Here is a sample (no flash, shadow with original 800 ISO film) :

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