Kodak SO-392

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  1. Note that it is not perforated, at least not with normal 35mm sprocket holes. I can't find any documentation on what "Specification Number" Sp 762 represents. Probably some proprietary plastic cartridge. I have a similar beast with 46mm Portra 400NC, but with a lone sprocket hole every 2 inches. (Shades of 126 film.) I presume the intent of both is custom packaging to keep the camera owner buying from the one source that has the contract with Kodak to make the proprietary film.
    What can you do with unperforated 35mm film? Only thing I know is to reload 828 spools and backing paper for use in Bantam cameras. I have a roll of Portra 160NC to do that with. Well, I suppose you could also reload 126 cartridges with it, for those very few 126 cameras that don't need the sprocket hole.
    The film could be Portra 160NC uprated a bit. Pushing that film a tiny bit would probably be quite harmless, it's so low-contrast. Could be a totally custom emulsion, but not likely. Maybe it's Gold 200, but that was at higher than Generation 2 by that date.
  2. Interesting....Thanks!

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