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  1. How much photo-flo do I need for 500 ml ?
  2. Are you pre-mixing a stock solution? I wouldn't do that......
  3. Per William, Photo-Flo is to be mixed when you need it. You shouldn't and wouldn't need to keep premixed solution sitting around- Photo-Flo concentrate is a liquid, isn't temperature-critical and can be mixed in seconds.

    That having been said, the answer to your question depends on which Photo-Flo product you're using. For instance, with Photo-Flo 200, you'd need to mix the Photo-Flo 1:200; so you'd need 2.5 ml of Photo-Flo for 500 ml of water:

  4. 1:200 is the standard dilution for PhotoFlo and you should make it up just before you use it. However, I've found that it is possible and advantageous to use a weaker dilution. It all depends upon your water supply. My standard dilution is something closer to 1:400 and it works fine with my water supply. No streaks or water spots ever. The trick is to use only as much as you need to keep the water from beading up on your film and no more. To much PhotoFlo can leave spots and streaks too, so you have to be a little careful. If the water supply is not hard, start out at half strength. If the water still beads up on your film, then add a little bit more.
  5. I use 1:400 in distilled water, mixing it just prior to use. Negs are spotless every time.
  6. Thanks everyone for your help,what about time recommendation for the photo-Flo "1-2 minute ! am I righ? and should I wipe the Flo up the film or leave it till become dry ?
  7. One or 2-3 drops for 500ml should do fine. Dip it in and out of the solution a few times and then hang the film. All it needs to do is coat the surface of the film to work.

    - Randy
  8. "(S)hould I wipe the Flo up the film or leave it till become dry."

    When I was still developing film myself, I'd hang it up and use two freshly-washed fingers as squeeges to remove excess liquid. But the whole point of Photo-Flo is that it acts like a sheeting agent to keep water from spotting- so yes, leave the film wet with Photo-Flo.
  9. I use 3ml to 800ml distilled water. So far so good...
  10. James G. Dainis

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    I use one capful of photo-flo in about 500ml of water.
  11. Hrm, I don't squeegie my film after the photo-flo, I use distilled water, and it sheets off astonishingly fast.
  12. This question is like asking how much shampoo one needs for one's head, how much laundry soap one needs for ones clothes washer. The hardness of ONES WATER will make folks "answers" all different, since folks here have different water supplies.
  13. In southern California and southern Indiana we have hard water, and in the deep south very soft water, thus the amount of PhotoFlo, shampoo, laundry soap is varied by the region one lives in.
  14. If it foams too much use less, and use colder water. 65 deg. is better than 68.

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