Kodak Flexicolor (C-41) Final Rinse for Konica Films?

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  1. I have got some konica negatives (Pro400 220) to be processed by my JOBO
    ATL-2300 soon. I have plenty of this Kodak Final Rinse chemical. My question is
    can I use it for the Konica films? Or is it strictly for Kodak's latest (such as
    Portra) films only? I understand that if I use a wrong final rinse (or
    stablizer) the nagatives will quickly develop a color shift.

    In addition, this has been a question for me for a while, is the Kodak C-41
    Final Rinse chemical strictly for some latest Kodak negatives only? Am I correct
    to assume that it will not be for any Fuji negatives either? Thanks for coments
    from experts.
  2. C-41 process chemicals will work on any C-41 film, back the original ones. It's the C-41RA chemicals that are limited to newer films. (Very short wash cycle.) Not likely to find C-41RA chemicals outside a minilab.
  3. If you are worried, you could try to find some of the older C-41 final rinse and stabilizer.
    It will work with all C-41 films even the newest ones. The new final rinse has much less
    formaldehyde in it, as an environmental improvement, and the films were reformulated to
    work with this, but they still work just fine with the older rinse and stabilizer.

    That being said...most C-41 films from other manufacturers are designed around the
    KODAK C-41 process, and will work seamlessly in Kodak chemistry. I doubt the
    processing labs kept special older stabilizer for specific films when Kodak changed to the
    new stabilizer.

    McCluney Photo
  4. if you find a minilab running fuji equipment, the older machines that end in a 2 still use the formalin stabilizer (ex 562 or 3x2 or 2x2 xx2) the machines ending in 3's don't IIRC.
  5. On the safe side I should forget about uisng Kodak final rinse. I was given a box full of this Kodak final rinse. But I have a lot of older films. So this Kodak final rinse turns out to be pretty useless. I understand its an improved stablizer that contains very little or no formalin. But it should be used in conjunction with the latest films from Kodak only. For older (even Kodak films) or other brands of films the older stablizer should be used still.
  6. You can make your own old style stabilzer by making a solution of photo flo as normal and adding about 50 ml of 37% formalin to a liter of the diluted photo flo solution.

    Ron Mowrey
  7. Thank you, Ron. I do have a few bottles of Kodak Photoflo. But I have no idea where to get Formalin. Kodak's old stablizer is still widely available and not expensive. I will just drive 40 miles two way to visit the one very last store that still carry photo chemicals to pick up a few bottles.

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