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  1. Can anyone tell me how I can have some reprints made from old Kodak
    disc negatives?
  2. Dwaynes in Parsons, Kansas.

    Bill Pearce
  3. These two labs can also print disc negatives:


  4. Depending on how quickly you need them, I might be able to help you. I recently got into
    the photo lab business. I'm setting up an old KIS 1 hour photo machine, and let me tell
    you it does EVERY FORMAT IMAGINEABLE: 66, 645. 127, 110, 135 and disc. I don't have
    the paper processor all up and running yet, and I snapped a plastic nipple off the bottom
    of the processor the other day, so I won't be up and running with it for another 1-2 weeks
    probably. If you're willing to wait that long, I'd love to do your prints. PM me if you're
    interested. I'd charge the same as for regular 35mm prints ~30c/frame. I make no
    distinction between reprints and prints from freshly-processed film. I believe I can do
    3.5x5 & 4x6 with the printing lenses I have, but I'll have to check to see for sure. 3.5x5s
    would be cheaper. Also, please tell me whether you want low, medium, or high contrast
    prints, as I use Portra professional paper for all of my orders.


    ~Karl Borowski
  5. I asked Karl to process a disc for me that I had found after over twenty years of storage. The pictures were of some glider rides that I took in Hawaii as a young Marine in the early 80's.
    Not only did Karl do a fantastic job with the photo's, he also processed them and shipped them to me for less then fifteen dollars! I had called filmrescue and one othetr place. They all wanted three times that much plus shipping!
    If you are looking to get some disc film processed. I would suggest getting in touch with Karl Borowski. Great service, awesome processing and you don't get fleeced on price.

    Just my .02 and experience.

    Hank Taylor
  6. How do I get in touch with Karl. I recently found 9 rolls of unprocessed disc film that I would like processed. I'm curious to see what is on them since I took the pics back in 1987 & 88.
  7. I also have a bunch of discs that I need reprints from. If you can help me get in touch with Karl it would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I would also be interested in getting in touch as I have many disc negatives which I would like to get prints from. Any information would be appreciated.
  9. Hey Hank,
    Thanks for the resounding endorsement. I somehow missed this thread until now. All
    you have to do to reach me is click on my name and click "request email adress - 30 second
    delay" or something like that. Just an FYI, I am backlogged with film until I'd say mid-
    December, but feel free to send it to me now, and I can try to have it back before Christmas.


    ~Karl Borowski
  10. While I know it is frowned upon to promote ones business here I hope it is not to defend ones business. Hank has claimed that we "Film Rescue" charge 3 times as much as the person that he is recommending to process his disc film. I believe he said it was 15 dollars where he had it done. We do not charge 45 dollars to process a disc film. The charge is 21 dollars. He also mentioned that we charge return shipping. We do not. Also not mentioned in Hanks comments is that our price includes development in AN-6 high contrast aerial film developer which puts a lot of punch back into these old films. Also not mentioned is that we also scan and enhance ever disc film before printing. Also not mentioned is that the price includes cd-r, negatives and prints. Also not mentioned is that we do not charge if we can not salvage a images from a given film. Sorry about my tone here but being misrepresented is not at all appreciated.

    All the best
    Greg Miller
    Film Rescue International.
  11. I would like to apologize to Film Rescue International. The prices I mentioned in my previous post were in line with those charged at a different vendor. I in no way meant to misrepresent their service. I also have no knowledge of the quality of their service as I did not use it. I do have knowledge of Karl's service and it was stellar as I stated earlier. Service with Karl cost me less then fifteen dollars, so I guess it would be better math to state that he is only 40% less then Film Rescue International and not three times less. My bad, I apologize.
  12. I am also looking to have some disc negatives reprinted. Is Hank still doing reprints? Or is there anyone else out there doing this for under $25 per disc?

  13. I am also looking for an affordable processor of disc film... karl, seems to have been removed form photo.net, is there anyone who knows how to contact him?

  14. I am looking to have some more disc negatives reprinted. Does anyone have contact info for Karl and know if he is still doing reprints.
  15. For the record...Film Rescue now charges 12 dollars to process, scan, do a quick digital fix-up and upload for customer preview. From the preview the customer can then pick and choose the images that they want for 65 cents each to be copied to cd or printed. If there is no image there is no charge. Shipping and handling of 8 dollars applies if an order is placed for images.
    Sorry...I need to update a previous post I'd put here.
    All the best

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