Kodachrome IT8 target source?

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  1. Wolfe Faust doesn't seem to have them. I'm using an icc profile created with a
    Wolf Faust Ektachrome target, through Vuescan, with a Vuescan Scan-From-Disk
    workflow, and so far the color balance and saturation is quite good.

    Getting into some Kodachrome rolls, I've started seeing a blue/green cast.
    Switching the scanner icc profile back to built-in is actually an improvement
    as far as reducing the cast, but the colors seem to lose their punch.

    I'd like to try a proper Kodachrome target, if they're available. From what
    I've read here and elsewhere, while many different slides will work fine with
    an Ektachrome target, Kodachrome (for one), benefits from using an actual
    Kodachrome target.

    So, does anyone know a source for Kodachrome IT8 targets? Or care to comment on
    their experience scanning Kodachrome, it's color balance, targets, etc?
  2. Calumet and B&H in the U.S. list them as does PC World Business in the U.K.
  3. Thanks, Malcolm. Guess I didn't look very hard. Any experience with this target? I'll likely take the plunge anyway, but would appreciate any comments.
  4. I used the Kodak Kodachrome IT8 to create a profile in MonacoEZcolor, scan using
    Nikonscan and then assign the profile in Photoshop. No complaints whatever. In the past
    I have used Silverfast with thier target (made by Faust) for Ektachrome; I can see no
    difference, but, in truth, my current Nikon 5000ED is a much better scanner than my old
  5. Here's an interesting article:


    Search the article for:

    "However, the same cannot be said of Kodachrome type film as it really does require a matched IT8 target"

    Ian Lyon is of the opinion that a dedicated Kodachrome target will give better results. Anyway, I've ordered a Kodachrome target. It should arrive later this week. I'll post my results. FWIW, I am using the reportedly rudimentary icc profile creating function within Vuescan.

    Thanks all!
  6. Mendel,
    This is a much belate post to this thread, but how did you it8 target work out for KodaChrome? I am very interested in whether it is worth the $$$ to buy a seperate target for Ektachrome and KodaChrome slides.

  7. This is the type of consistent color casting that I am trying to correct using a ICC profile.
  8. Szent,

    I recall specifically some of my Kodachrome rolls were giving me problems with color cast, so I had a look at my notes. I keep track, image by image of any variations from my default settings. I followed a workflow of first outputting a "16 bit linear" tiff through my Minolta Scan Elite 5400's OEM software (Minolta Scan Utility), and then using this a Vuescan Raw File.

    Like you I found a blue cast. I experimented with different ajustments, both in Vuescan's Color Tab and or in Photoshop. I think the KC scans in particular tipped me to using Vuescan's White Balance setting coupled with a more aggressive white point. These two tactics seemed to a good extent "level" the color balance I was getting. My object was to mass produce images with "decent" color balance. If I'm later printing out individual images I would likely try a little harder.

    These are the (relevant) Vuescan settings I used for this (and other) Kodachrome rolls. Note, the icc profile is a "canned" profile supplied with my scanner. In the end I found it at least as good as any ICC profiles I created through Vuescan, using either Ektachrome target (from Wolf Faust), or Kodachrome target (from B&H). The latter did not inspire confidence since *all* you get is the target, no info files. I downloaded KC info files from Kodak site, but was never sure it was the right thing, and was somewhat unconvinced that the Kodak site info file could be one-size-fits-all. The Wolf Faust info files, are tailored batch-by-batch to the targets.

    Maybe things would have worked out better with a more robust icc creation program. I understand Vuescan is quite weak in this regard: it's ICC profiles are simplistic.

    Input|Media: image

    Color|Color Balance: White Balance

    Color|Black point (%): 0

    Color|White point (%): .5

    Color|Scanner Color Space: ICC Profile

    Color|Scanner ICC Profile: MLTF5400p.icc
  9. Hi folks,<br>
    just wanted to inform that SilverFast came up with some improvements for scanning kodachromes.<br>
    Newsletter Oct. 2008:<br>
    In addition they are offering a 25% discount on their IT8-targets until December 31st, 2008.<br>
  10. Wow, and know they are offering Kodachrome IT8 Calibration targets.
    (So, the initial question is answered 2,5 years later :)

    "For all those customers intending to finally scan all their valuable Kodachrome slides with consistent precise colors LaserSoft Imaging® is now offering Kodachrome IT8 Calibration targets with integrated bar code out of their own high quality production."

    info page: http://www.silverfast.com/show/kodachrome-targets/en.html


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