Kodachrome developed for $3.88 a roll

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by chad_hahn, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. I have seen this mentioned before but two weeks ago I dropped off two rolls of Kodachrome 64 at the
    Wal Mart film department and today they came back. The cost was $3.88 a roll!

    I don't know how it is processed these days but it didn't come in Kodachrome mount but a generic one
    that read Color Transparency.

    I guess some good can be said for Wal Marts low balling.

  2. Plastic or cardboard mount?
  3. Cardboard
  4. I wonder perhaps if it varies by region.

    The Wal-mart here charges $4.88 for both K-14(35mm-36) and E-6(35mm-36 or 120) send off processing.
  5. At the Franklin, TN Wal-Mart, the charge is $4.88 a roll mounted in the generic cardboard. It takes right at one week. Drop it off on Monday morning and it's back the following Monday afternoon. Wonder if some regions of the country are cheaper than the others or did they make a pricing mistake?

    Robert Johnson
  6. They send out to dwayne's photo, I believe.
  7. All Kodachrome processing in the world is done at Dwayne's.

    Wal-Mart's price probably relates to how far you are from Parsons, Kansas.
  8. 3.88 is the charge for a 24 exposure slide roll
  9. Is Kodachrom still around anyway, I thought it was discontinued.
  10. It's nice to know this. I shoot 99.9% digital now, but I did pick up some Kodachrome for old time's sake. I think I'll try the first roll through Walmart and if all goes well, use them for the rest.

    Thanks for the tip!
  11. They just made a batch of Kodachrome 64 this spring, so it will certainly be available for a few years. They store the master rolls in cold dark caves, I think old salt mines, since the cold is free, and there's less cosmic rays.

    I think they tried to make a run of Kodachrome 200, it didn't come off, so they gave up and discontinued it, and are selling off the film from the prior run. You can still find Kodachrome 200, but it's getting hard. The expiration dates are quite short (I think 12/07 is the latest), and you have to store it cold.

    Kodachrome 25 is long gone.
  12. I think there is one lab left in Tokyo which is processing Kodachrome until the end of this year.
  13. Wal Mart outlab processing = Fujicolor Processing. Obviously the K-Chromes are done at Dwayne's, but I have heard that Fuji still operates an E6 facility in TN or thereabouts. As far as the price variance, Fujicolor operates several labs, and even in the cases where work has to be sent to a different lab, it will be routed accordingly, so it's probably just a regional thing.
  14. I was just going to post the same thing! I paid $3.88 a roll also. About a 2 week turnaround. They come back in a black plastic box with the generic cardboard holder. I live in Rock Island, IL, which is on Iowa/Illinois border.
  15. Re: Kodachrome 200 - I have two rolls on hand with emulsion number 2672 and an expiration of 07/2008.
  16. Wow. I just paid $13 dollars the other day using the form you print off on Dwayne's website, and mailing it myself.
    Does anyone know if the WalMarts in Southern California offer Kodachrome service?
    I guess I should go in and ask, but lately, the WalMart near my house has become so customer DISorriented that I never even thought to bring my Kodachrome there.
  17. The local Wal-Mart here (Upstate New York) doesn't really advertise the fact they offer slide processing - I believe it's only listed on a price list taped to the counter. Their processing envelope also doesn't have a check box for slides - you have to check the 'Special instructions' box and write what you want in the space provided. I usually write 'SLIDES - Kodachrome 64 - K-14 Processing Only!'. I also put a sticker on the film canister to indicate that it is K-14 slide film, just to be on the safe side.
  18. Often the people at the Wal-Mart counters haven't had a tutorial on slide film and don't know the difference between E6 and K-14. Not to worry, put "K-14" in the the special instructions box of a send out envelope seal it yourself, and the local store people don't get their hands on it.
    Do NOT check any number of prints box or the film might be processed C41.

    Use Sams club and save a few more cents.

    Dwaynes doesn't do plastic mounts.

    Put "Do not mount" in the box and at the same price the roll will be returned as full roll would with a paper strip. Then you can buy plastic (or glass) mounts and so it yourself.

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