Kiev 6 - Arsat 30mm on Nikon D80, anyone?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by francisco_arcaute, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Folks

    I own an Arsat 30mm from my Kiev 6 days - if I mount it on my Nikon D80, any idea what lens size that
    translates as?

    Will it still retain any "fisheye-ness?"


  2. The focal length doesn't change, just crop your neg/transparency to the size of a D80 sensor and that's what you'll get. Basically boring with a bit of barrel distortion.

  3. Any 28 mm lens with Nikon mount will please you more regarding image quality and size/weight.

  4. A really useful P-6 mount lens for your digitakl SLR would be a 180/2.8 Sonnar AND it would also build muscle mass :)
  5. If you want a fisheye effect on a cropped 1.5 camera you only choices are the Nikon 10mm of the Peleng 8mm.
  6. You'll get a mildly distorted equivalent to a 45mm on 35mm film. Pretty useless all told.
  7. As said, you'll have a not-so-wide angle view, and a little barrelled picture.

    If you want fish-eye, you have ones from 16mm (Zenitar) to 8mm (Peleng), the choice
    depends on your will to have, or not, a full-frame picture.
    As the Peleng has been designed to fit 24x36mm cropped, perhaps it will be full frame on a
    half-format DSLR sensor.

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