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  1. Hi All,
    After looking over the site viewing some photos reading some forums decided to become a member.

    Looking forward to improving my photos with your help.

    Anyone know how to link Lightroom pics on iPad to upload to this site ?

  2. Since I have neither an iPad nor Lightroom, I can't answer your questions,

    I do welcome you to membership in Despite moments of pique (I now feel I'm past my pique, though), I think this site is worthy of support.
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  3. Welcome.
    I use apple photo to upload photos but if the photos are on your device it must work the same way.
    First click on Upload a File
    Then you get a window where when you click on Chooce File you can search for the photo on your device.
    If you have chosen the file you click on Full File (max size 1000 pix)
    After that you can write a text.
    When you have done all those steps you click on Post Reply.
    If everything is ok your photo is on the site.
  4. As I edit, I use Apple Photo to create a folder of photos right sized just for Works most of the time.
  5. Thanks guys for your suggestions. I will mostly use my Mac to post pics to a desktop folder then just drag photo to jpeg upload in app. I wish had a direct link to Lightroom like some other apps.

    Take care all and happy shooting


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