Johnsons of Hendon Precision Filters and an Interesting Website

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  1. I was rummaging through my stuff yesterday when I came across this very attractive set of eight 31mm "Johnson Precision Filters" with their holder, in a nice little leather wallet, dating from, I guess, between the wars. One of them is a graduated yellow, which seems a little unusual. This led me to do a little research on the manufacturer, and I found this interesting website:

    LINK: Photographic Memorabilia

    I've only just scratched the surface (of the website, not the filters) but it's mainly about the history of film, processes etc and the mainly UK companies involved therein.

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  2. Interesting and informative link- thanks for sharing.
  3. I think Johnson's "Unitol" was the first film developer I ever used.
    Somewhere I also have a Johnson's branded chemical balance and set of metric weights.

    My Johnson's contact printing frame and "Jumbo" postcard enlarger are long gone though.

    Johnson's of Hendon were probably the biggest maker/supplier of photo chemicals and darkroom paraphenalia in the UK at one time.
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  4. Thanks, John, that site (which I have visited many times ) is an absolute sea of nostalgia. I still use a couple of Johnson's thermometers in the darkroom, and there are a couple of old developing tanks and flasks and trays...the list goes on. Johnson and and Paterson competed for my custom throughout my early photographic years.

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