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  1. I guess if film is really stabilized into a steady market then it's a matter of time before new camera's start to come out. I suppose I might be interested in a new camera however a compact camera like an Oly XA would not interest me. I think they are probably nice but my pockets are already full and I am not going to stuff a small 35mm camera in there also. Also I shoot B/W film and it's all about those contrast filters and bulk loaded film. As you know bulk loading requires manual ISO adjustments. So that feature would be mandatory for me.

    I think Nikon can still build SLR camera's as they are making the F6, Cosina can certainly build camera's to whatever specs somebody wants them to build it and Leica can still build film camera's. A company like Kodak could have Cosina build all sorts of camera's for them if they wanted to. It's just a matter of time depending on the film market. Is it going well this year and gone tomorrow is the question that only time will tell.

    Anyway I do not know if I will buy another camera as I am in good shape right now. However I will consider each and every new camera that comes out on the market and eventually I will buy one when I see something that hits my sweet spot.
  2. I'm certainly not going to hold my breath, and I probably don't need another camera anyway, BUT, 20 years ago, who would have though that new turntables would be coming out all the time.
  3. I have bought 2 new turntables in the last 20 years. The one I have now is 3 years old. I guess I am thinking that things that have a value like music, camera's and other things will just keep on going. I know a guy that restores Modal A Fords. He say's that you can get any part you want for it brand new.

    I guess on the music thing is over the years I bought and built a nice collection of LP's and I always enjoyed playing them so why should I quit just because new electronic gadgets have come out. So I just stayed with it. I have other options as well as we all do.
  4. My hope is that film will see a revival similar to vinyl and vacuum tubes. I still use both. Analog audio is now a firm specialty market. I hope that film and film cameras will develop into a firm specialty market.
  5. Buying new vinyl regularly?

  6. No, I usually purchase used LP's at Logo's in Santa Cruz. It works out well as they have books also and it is a favorite store in the area for my wife and I. You can inspect the records for wear before purchasing and the cost is very low.
  7. You have a 3 year old turntable. If I had a 30 year old turntable I wouldn't need one now as it should still function perfectly. I wouldn't expect any less with my equipment. I am not an LP fan so I have a couple of turntable they are around 30 year old. They are so so and not good although they work like new.
    My cassette deck is going to be 28 year old this coming Sept. It looks and works like new.

  8. My son wanted to put together a music system so I gave him my turntable and my brother gave him a 2 channel Sony Amp that works pretty good. He sourced out some speakers from Fry's electronics I think. I then bought a Music Hall turntable for myself and everybody is happy I think.
  9. I still listen to my 1973 B&W DM4 speakers, only had to replace the woofers a couple of times. I would like a modern version of my much-loved Linhof 220. 120 roll film is where it's at.
  10. Hope you're doing more for the film "revival" than you are for the vinyl "revival." Buying used LPs, like expired film, doesn't count.

  11. I am not involved in vinyl or film revival with that intention. I shop at Logo's in Santa Cruz and they do not have new vinyl for sale as far as I know. . I do not purchase enough vinyl to keep anything alive anyway. An LP lasts a lifetime and I have room for just so many of them. Like vinyl I do not shoot enough film to keep anything alive. I buy HP5 in 100 ft rolls 2 or 3 times a year. and I purchase the chemicals I need at the same time to save on shipping and such. I am not going to buy any of the new films that are coming out. I do not see a new/used camera anytime soon as I have a couple nice camera's currently. I did look into a used Leica but once I realized they have poor eye relief I decided they are super cool and not for me.
  12. In the UK, over 3 million vinyl records were sold last year; sales have been growing for the last 8 years, but this was the most in 25 years. Last December, the record companies made more from vinyl sales than they did from downloads - presumably a lot of records ended up under Christmas trees. In the US, 9 million records were sold in the first half of 2015, and brought in more cash than ad-supported streaming. In specialised record shops (like camera shops, these still exist) the vinyl racks have gone back up, and records are now appearing in fashion chains and supermarkets - mainstream UK store Tesco has even been running limited edition coloured vinyl promotions. It's now fairly common to see new releases sold only as downloads and as vinyl (no CD). There are new turntable models at the low, mid and high end, and Panasonic is re-launching classic Technics models. HiFi chain Richer Sounds has dozens of different models, from £50 to £3000.
  13. I went into a music store a few weeks ago in Hopkins, Minnesota, USA. It was huge. All records. Thousands of new LPs, 45s, and even a few 78s. Loads of used, too. No CDs. I have to whip out my fountain pen and write down their phone number.
  14. It sounds like the record industry is on solid ground it seems. Not sure who would be willing to make 35mm camera's these days or who even has the financial health to venture into that. I most likely will just shoot the camera's I already own and spend my few photo dollars on film and chemicals.
  15. Thanks for the suggestion. The Pentax MX certainly does look like a small SLR, however there are no problems acquiring working SLRs these days. There is a profound lack of quality compact cameras with a fixed lens. The prices for unreliable, used ones has gone through the roof. Want a Contax T3 that can't be repaired? $1000 - $1500 !
  16. What does a Bessa have to do with a compact film camera? There are tons of used Leicas available that CAN be serviced, unlike any of the previously mentioned premium compacts. That is what killed off the Bessa.
  17. This topic came up on Japan Camera Hunter's blog as well. He was saying he gets many emails a day asking about compacts. Maybe if Fuji or Ricoh made one again, there would be a small market for them.

    As to vinyl, my main system is a VPI TNT with SME V arm and Koetsu cartidge. In my office is my old Rega 3. We have a few record stores in town here that bring in new vinyl for virtually every release.

    With film sales growing, we see an increased interest in film cameras, instant, and home processing.

    Here's the JCH link

    Compact cameras, the future - Japan Camera Hunter
  18. Bellamy can shake his pom-poms as a cheerleader all he likes but it won't alter the realities of mirage-like demand for film cameras of any type when measured against film sales and the huge reservoir of used film cameras. Not happening. Not now.
  19. It's good to see there's no shortage of museum curators :)
  20. My oldest son just bought a Leica M6 from Bellamy Hunt. It should arrive in a few days.and he said the tracking showed it was in San Francisco yesterday. I just purchased a Mamiya 645e from KEH and have been shooting it for a couple weeks. It's been a bunch of fun but hardly a compact.

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