Is this child pornography?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by clive|1, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Yeah, well, you know the advantages of digital photography over film? :)

  2. ... or Polaroid.
  3. This is just rediculous, I have dozens of photographs being naked when I was 5 or 6 years old. Those parents only wanted to photograph some funny bath moments and are now accused for kiddieporn, what a sad world it has become.
  4. You may remember in 1996, Julia Somerville (a TV newsreader here in the UK) and her husband were arrested after Boots (a pharmacy that does film processing) called in the police because she had a film processed showing her 7yr old kid in the bath!
  5. People have lost all common sense.
  6. that's absolutely insane.
  7. While its an interesting article, collecting various stories about self-appointed photolab moral police, I would prefer something a bit more factual. I remember another Story about Republican dirty tricks during our last elections; trouble is, some of them just were not true. While I'm not Republican, I believe in factual reporting. Lumping together a bunch of stories doesn't always mean that everything is true. The basic problem is that many people all over the world haven't caught on to the fact yet that they weren't born fully clothed (Polyester for Baptists and Republicans, Cotton for Liberals). I think some other religions can't even risk thinking about birth.
  8. That story is almost eight years old. I wonder if anything like that has happened recently.
  9. I thought porn defines as sexual arousing images. Being naked just is not enough.
  10. This is jus pathetic.

    However I do think the guy is an idiot for running away. That just SCREAMS out suspicion.

    Very sad indeed.
  11. This reflect kind of problem in the society, otherwise how come the
    clever people of the community are keeping silent. Were not Adam and Eve
    naked in heaven.

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