'Is the sound of clicking cameras at the White House nearing extinction?'

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  1. They don't need to allow anyone to fire off noisy cameras in the White House. Just like courtrooms don't have to allow them. So no, they're not worried. ;-)
  2. Whereas I could see this administration say only Russian made cameras. :eek:

    Zenit, anyone?
  3. You mean it isn't like THIS?! Of course it is! Fashion and Hollywood entertainment in all of its superficiality and fake progressiveness is about power and play and you can't go much deeper than that. Both men and women crave it under the guise of this thin veneer that we use to mask our reptile brains in. Click. Refn's The Neon Demon is a great parable on it. Also Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut.

    I don't like your fashion business mister
    and I don't like these drugs that keep you thin
    I don't like what happened to my sister
    First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin

    - First We Take Manhattan, Leonard Cohen
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  4. If you Google for the hidden symbology behind Eyes Wide Shut you will be entertained. Kubrick was no fool, he knew the archetypes and every single frame in his films was certainly intended to mean and expose something. But of course, we can all take it with a grain of salt...
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    It seems the Mueller investigation is going nowhere fast... all it could find to indict were 19 Russians. Of course the Liberal Fake News media will only gloss over that, if they report it at all.
  6. What is all this fuss about, US of A routinely interfering in all elections around the world, main reason they don't like dictators, they can't swing elections the way they want in those countries. It never was and never will be about democracy or freedom, it is all about economical advantige.
  7. It was a joke, guys. Has the world forgotten how to laugh? Smiley-face . . . Smiley-face . . . Smiley-face . . .
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    Jokes - I could make a lot of jokes. But seems like only the left gets away with that excuse for political speech that those of us on the other side might find offensive. :).
  9. ;) ;) The left in this country loved Russia. Anyone who spoke against them was labeled a war monger. They also said sexual behavior of any kind was unimpeachable behavior unless reported to the cops immediately by a non-consenting party. Today’s activist cannot maintain a personal principle for five minutes....;) ;)
    The democrats want to indict Russians and every male celebrity. Desperate politics. ;) ;)
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    Keep the conversation on the topic.

    Thank you.
  11. "Jokes - I could make a lot of jokes. But seems like only the left gets away with that excuse for political speech that those of us on the other side might find offensive".Sandy.

    Indeed. Politics and religion end in the best of mates falling out.
    Under a starry clear night somewhere in Montana ,Sandy and I will share some grits (not sure about the grit thing) and BS.....snap some photos, eat a big sizzling steak and be happy. No need for Politics.

    A silent shutter is useful for many obvious reasons..
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    Grass fed local
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  13. Jeez thought it was Texas where the big bad boy steaks come from.
  14. You know, I was listening to my 5D MK IV shutter, it is not that loud and it gives superior color tones. Why would they insist on inferior cameras? :p Just joking (sort of ;)) Might as well go back to courtroom sketch artist. Well, I suppose I could wrap the body in sound muffling wrap or 4K video frame captures.
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  15. In many countries, you aren't allowed cameras in the courtroom. It's neither a good thing nor a bad thing, but it's a thing. :)
  16. Interesting a few years back there was a bill in the House of Representatives to make it illegal to disable the shutter sound on Cell Phone Cameras.
    Now it is all about no sound. LINK I don't think it ever made it out of the House of Representatives. Right up there with electric and hybrid cars must make an artificial sound so people can hear them coming. I think I would want my Prius to make the George Jetson flying car sound if that came about. :rolleyes: My cellphone too.

    Another interesting LINK about phones in Japan. Aren't Sony Cameras made in Japan? :eek:
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  17. Distorted bicycle wheels, as illustrated by Sanford above, occur due to the nature of focal plane shutters, even with film. Rolling shutter effects occur wot CMOS sensors for the same reason - the image is captured and sampled in a sequential manner, from top to bottom. The current circuitry and design of CMOS sensors ordain this distortion, but things are changing. Sony just announced the patent of sensors which have global sampling, hence no rolling shutter effect, unless you use the physical shutter. The Sony A9 processes images much faster than previous models, reducing, but not eliminating the rolling shutter effect. CCDs have always had global gating, and in early Nikon cameras, used an electronic shutter for all speeds faster than 1/250 second. The shutter was never closed to a moving slit.

    I agree that Canon cameras are quiet, comparable to the vaunted Leica M (and earlier). Neither are quiet enough to be used on a movie set or live broadcast without an expensive, bulky "blimp" enclosure.

    What will happen at pressers is probably inevitable. Now that totally silent cameras are available, they will have a competitive advantage at these events. Much as flash has largely disappeared from news conferences, so will the whirring sound of reflex cameras. For this of us who have to deal with quiet environments, it is a godsend.
  18. Freedom only works until someone abuses it. In the current context, I'm thinking of the a-hole who showed up to a W. Eugene Smith lecture I went to: 300 people in the audience, and one jerk with a motorized SLR who was using it to casually fire off single frames from an otherwise respectfully silent audience. No need at all for a motor, but this a-hole felt that 301 people needed to hear his, constantly. No one will be injured if photographers are required to sink back unheard into the woodwork. It's up to them to figure out how to do that, and there are some notable failures in the business that cause all of them to get shut down. As they say, this is the reason we can't have nice things. Basically, it's all about having consideration for other people, not always putting your self first.
  19. I shoot Sony mirrorless cameras. They are expensive. That's why I'm still using an a6000 rather than an a6300, 6500 or one of the A7s. I'm putting money away and figure I'll upgrade in about a year.
  20. If you don't need 42 MP or 20 fps, the new A7m3 seems like a good deal. It offers silent running too. I find I have to use the mechanical shutter for small groups. They expect to hear a shutter sound so they can start breathing again.

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