IS Photoshop CC Subscription Good for Desktop (PC) AND Notebook (Mac)?

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  1. Hello,
    I have CS5 for my 2.3GHZ Quad Core 8GB Dell PC w/ Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 5.7.
    I have Macbook Pro 2.5 Quad Core 16GB notebook w/ only Adobe Lightroom 5.7.
    1) I want to use a Photoshop that I can conveniently work with the RAW files of my Nikon D610 with out resorting to the Adobe DNG converter standalone app.
    2) I also would also like to use the adaptive wide angle filter of CS6 or CC to staighten the bowed lines of my Wide angle panoramic stitches.

    Which of the following should I invest in?:
    A) The Photoshop CS6 download for students and Teachers (I latter) at $300 upfront and then choose one platform (PC vs Mac) - as you cant download both for the $300?
    Adobe RAw support in CS6 goes up to D610 and D810 support via Camera RAW 8.6, but won't be compatible with upcoming unreleased Nikon cameras.
    B) Buy the basic Photoshop CC Subscription at $10 per month in perpetuity?
    sub question: If I buy the basic Photoshop CC Subscription at $10 per month, will Adobe allow me to have it on my PC Desktop & Mac Notebook at same same for the $10/month fee?
    Thanks for info/suggestions.
  2. For me, the CC subscription is definitely worth the cost. The subscription is less expensive than upgrades to hard copy versions, which are no longer available. Lightroom is available on discs, but also in a CC subscription. I use a many Adobe products every day, for photography, video and publishing. The CC subscription is much less expensive than my sesquiannual upgrades, and allows me to subscribe on two computers. You are not supposed to use both computers simultaneously, but there's nothing to prevent it besides ethics.
    You must connect to the internet at least monthly to keep products from expiring. The reconciliation is automatic once you re-connect if your subscription is maintained.
    Adobe products are updated regularly (~monthly). A possible downside is that Adobe strives to provide the best features and performance without regard to backward compatibility. On several occasions, Premiere Pro had changes that caused me a lot of trouble with older projects. My hair is still smoking. That has not been a problem with Photoshop nor LightRoom, but InDesign, yeah!
    There may be new features in PSD files incompatible with older versions of Photoshop, but TIF and JPG (and others) don't change. Compatibility is mainly an issue if you exchange files with customers or collaborators.
  3. IIRC, you need to choose a platform (OS) when selecting a plan which would preclude what you want to do. You can install the apps on two computers but they would have to be the same OS. However, Adobe is pretty helpful so I'd check with CS to see if there is an option.
    I think the $10 Photographers Special is hard to beat and as you said will give you support for new camera models. Worst case? maybe two copies?
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    If I buy the basic Photoshop CC Subscription at $10 per month, will Adobe allow me to have it on my PC Desktop & Mac Notebook at same same for the $10/month fee?​

    According to an Adobe staff member on an Adobe forum, yes. See this page.
  5. Bear in mind that this old thread refers to the days of activation/deactivation which is no longer used. But as I said check with CS and don't rely totally on well intentioned Adobe forum users.
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    When did they stop using activation? I still have to deactivate when removing from a computer.
  7. You guys got me curious so found this answer on the Adobe FAQ's for creative cloud:
    "Yes. Creative Cloud desktop applications can be downloaded and installed on multiple computers, regardless of operating system. However, activation is limited to two machines per individual associated with the membership. See the terms of use for more information. Learn how to deactivate a Creative Cloud license on a machine."
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    sub question: If I buy the basic Photoshop CC Subscription at $10 per month, will Adobe allow me to have it on my PC Desktop & Mac Notebook at same same for the $10/month fee?​
    Yes they do. I do exactly this and there is no longer a platform issue like there has been in the past.
    Another bonus is that Creative Cloud subscribes we will soon be able to use Photoshop in the cloud. Adobe and Google Chrome are making great progress in having Photoshop run natively in a virtual environment. The days of buying expensive and powerful computers to adjust and edit photos is coming to an end!
    Ars just did a great article on it with video showing it in action
    Eyes-on with Streaming Photoshop: Adobe’s plan to bring PS to the cloud
  9. I think it started with CC or CC2014. If you check the dropdown list for Help you will see that there is no activate/deactivate option. I have seen people recommend Signing Out from the Help dropdown list for the app before deinstalling/reinstalling but I haven't found that to be necessary. YMMV!

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