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  1. Can anyone tell me what would be a starting development time/developer for HIE shot a ASA 200 with a #25 red filter.
  2. Depends on the amount of IR light present at the time of exposure. If it was at midnight in a coal bin with the lights out you could develop it for 3 days and nothing would show.
    In HC-110 B I'd start with 8 minutes at 68 degrees. Just a guess mind you.
  3. I'd go with the original Kodak instructions, especially if the film has been stored properly.
  4. I got my best results with HIE using Sprint developer 1:9 for 11 1/2 minutes at 68F. The massive development chart lists that time and temp with a 1:4 dilution and I tried that once and got seriously bulletproof negs. I usually used 200iso and a red#25, too.
    Despite being stored properly, it does age more rapidly (or did for me). My last roll was used and developed about a year after its exp date and it had grain the size of softballs. 6 months was more like golf balls (the next to last roll of mine).
    A film I greatly miss, that's for sure.
  5. I found xtol 1+3 for 17-18min gives a nice dense neg, which seems to scan well on an imacon. As Anthony mentioned, the amount of IR light can really vary. Some very old 4x5 hie (2001) I processed last year worked out ok. Sometimes there's a texture on the film, but it can be add to a more interesting result.

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