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  1. No. It wasn't a threat to Polaroid. This is about the 126 film cartridge and how it will revolutionize the industry.

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  2. Here is the Behind the Scenes column.

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  3. Keppler writes about hand holding a SLR with a long lens.

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  4. The 35mm column looks at the new 126 film cartridge.

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  5. Here is this month's Too Hot to Handle column.

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  6. Bennett Sherman writes about the latest methods in lens testing.

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  7. Switching over to Camera 35 magazine we have Arthur Kramer write about two-solution developers.

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  8. Here is Camera 35's look at new equipment including a Canon auto focus camera, in 1963!!!

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  9. Here are this month's camera equipment ads.

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  10. Instant 35mm?
    That should put all the digital guys out of business......
  11. A really fun issue to see. My parents gave me an Instamatic 124 which had the same shutter and lens as the 100 mentioned in the article. By the time the 124 was released, Tri-X and High Speed Ektachrome were also available in 126.
  12. Ten years later when 110 cameras were introduced there were dire rumblings that this small format could gobble up 35mm cameras. Didn't work out that way, what with compact auto 35mm RF's like the Konica C35 plus offerings from other camera companies that were just as small.
  13. I have some pictures taken with my mom's Kodak 124 instamatic which I got to use after Dad bought her an SX70.
    Those little cameras documented many American families during my childhood.
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  14. Goldenhour2.jpg Here is one from that old Kodak Instamatic 124.....
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  15. Thanks as always!!

    But Instamatic!

    There are many "photographic" moments in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but one of my favorites is when Roy is clumsily trying to load his Instamatic for an expected return of the UFOs
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  16. I was surprised to learn that individual speeds on a camera can go bad, independently of all the other speeds. Apparently, shutter speeds don't work quite how I thought they work.
  17. For obvious reasons the entry level Instamatics with their f 11 lenses and 1/40 and 1/90 second shutter speeds were optimized for best results with ISO 64 films (Kodachrome-X and Ektachrome-X) Later Kodacolor-X was ISO 80 well within its latitude. Here's an Ektachrome-X slide from my 124 that was taken in 1969. Cropped slightly. Conditions must have been about right for this to work out.
    Santa Rosa Island, Florida

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