Insidious Creeping Civilization

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  1. It was January of 1999, and we (my wife and I) had booked passage on a riverboat (not unlike an old Mississippi stern wheeler) eco-tour along the Peruvian Amazon. We were on a remote section of the Ucaialli (a tributary of The Amazon). The nearest settlement (not sure if it was even large enough to qualify for that title) was several miles downstream from where we were when we spotted what appeared to be a small trail (not unlike a deer trail) leading from waters edge back into the surrounding rainforest. We tied up to the river's bank, went ashore, and proceeded to explore. At several yards in, the trail (if I remember correctly) curved to the right. We couldn't see around the curve but speculation of what we might find was rife. Fresh Jaguar tracks, a vine entangled man-made structure built ages ago by some ancient, now lost, mysterious civilization. Some creature, not yet known to science. Etc. With baited breath we rounded the curve. And there it was. Standing there in all its glory and magnificent isolation.

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  2. 'Seeking Critique' probably isn't the best forum for this photo. But it's a nice story. Given the year, I'm assuming that it's a portable toilet rather than a mobile satellite trcelay station ;)
  3. I agree. Probably should've posted it over at "Street Photography" in the "What Is Street Photography " string, but I didn't think of that until it was too late.
  4. Hey, Izzy! I suggest that you try through post reducing the glare my poor eyes had to endure from looking at the totally blown-out highlights. Love the BG, though.
  5. Grin! Thanks Mike. I did try to tone it down a bit, but my skill with the editing program just wasn't up to it. The difference between the green of the surrounding rainforest and the blazing white of the throne (so to speak) was just too much. No matter what I tried I just couldn't get it right.
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  6. It's the effort that counts, sometimes.
  7. Amen !

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