Infrared DIY - Where do I get an affordable internal IR filter?

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  1. Hey guys!

    Not really sure if this is the right place for this. If there's a better subforum, please feel free to move the thread! Thanks! :)

    Here's the plan: I'd like to get a Nikon D3200 and convert it to infrared. I need to open the camera, remove the IR blocker and replace it with a suitable filter. Lifepixel has a tutorial for that exact camera model so I guess I should be able to do it. I already converted a small point-and-shoot successfully.
    The problem is the cost of the filter. Lifepixel offers one for 99$, shipping cost to my country are an additional 60$ and I'm just not willing to pay so much for a tiny piece of glass.

    Two possibilities:
    1. I find someone else who sells them. Do you know any place where I can get infrared cut filters that go inside the camera?
    2. I cut a conventional screw-on filter to the correct rectangular shape. In that case I need to know the correct thickness. Is there any list for that? How can I find out what thickness I need for the D3200 and is it possible to stack multiple IR filters for that purpose?

    I can't find much on that topic online but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask you guys! Any hints are appreciated! :)
  2. Hi Oliver, what is your country ?
    There are other options where you can this kind obtain filters , and also other parties that do the conversion.
    The real challenge is getting all done dustfree , and Nikon camera's are really tricky with the band connectors, they damage so easily..

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