IN Praise of Nelson's Photo Supplies, San Diego

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by paul_noble, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. If you're ever in San Diego and need supplies, I recommend Nelson's on India

    I am in town to sail on a cruise to Mexico tomorrow. Today, while sightseeing,
    I put my cheap 500mm mirror lens on my K10D. SOmehow I gt the mount in wrong
    and I couldn't remove the lens. I could unscrew the lens from the t-mount, but
    the t-mount wouldn't budge.

    I remembered hearing about Nelsons on one of these forums, so I hoppedi n my
    car and found them.

    In a few minutes, they were able to help me get the mount off the camera. It
    ould have been a pretty sorry vacation, with no camera.

    This is my way of rewarding them. I'm letting the world know

    Paul Noble
  2. Glad it worked out for you Paul. I am looking forward to those "Mexican" pics. Good Luck.
  3. Good deal and yes, We look forward to the pics..
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    I leave this up a bit, but this isn't something we want to leave in the archives.


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