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  1. Hey Everyone,
    I have a Canon 5D Mark II and would love to be able to save a copy of my images to my phone as well as the camera's card. Is there any tethering options or bluetooth/wifi etc. that would work for this? Would love to be able to post the cool shots I get sooner than waiting for the whole upload process, as sadly I find I am using my phone more.. which while it takes decent shots.. the zoom doesn't compare.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. I tether my Samsung Galaxy S9+ to my computer where I see it as though it were a drive in the computer. I can pull pictures off of my phone and save them to my computer. Of course I've uploaded the RAW pictures from my 5DMIII to the computer and during post processing I save them as JPGs. I then can copy the JPGs to my phone. I've saved about 450+ pictures to my phone this way. I've also made the maximum size along any edge to 1000 pixels to use my phone's memory as best I could and to mirror much of what I post to Photo.Net.
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  3. A card reader and an OTG cable for your phone?

  4. I couldn't find it in neighboring stores. Can you suggest a website to buy?

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