I'm so young and you're so old

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  1. The formatting on my monitor (w/ Firefox 18.0.2) is a little strange. However, with a little horizontal scrolling, all shows up.
    Some people just make these "Lomo" thingies look so good. Gene M is clearly the man.
  2. Hey, I saw Diana recently on NCIS. Abby was having a childhood flashback, with a Diana or Holga that color, with a flash too. Probably a new version, but at a glance they look the same.
  3. I know where you're at, Gene .It's interesting that we spend a photographic lifetime trying not to do Diana things, yet we're drawn back to it in later years...Senility, nostalgia or a widening appreciation of other visual possibilities? It's the air of mystery that draws me in...a sort of Blair Witch fascination...
  4. That's really impressive gene! Thanks for sharing
  5. That's really impressive gene! Thanks for sharing
  6. Rick.
    I don't think I see things like the normal person does. My life is like a movie and I'm watching it as a series of stills.
    I've seen some pretty bizarre things along the way and there's no doubt that I run my observations through a filter of disbelief.
  7. I guess that's why I like my cell phone camera, I can do Diana things and still feel cutting edge.
  8. Blaspheme !
  9. Diana seems to specialize in vignetting images. ;-)
  10. Cell phone Diana pictures...I've lived too long! I resisted the urge to buy a Diana for years, but finally succumbed, although it's not a Diana by name. Did you realize that Diana had many non de plumes, like a Mossad spy, or maybe Mata Hari.
    BTW, what the hell is that animal statue?
  11. Tony
    Yeah, I'm a student of the Diana heritage. The animal statue is a bullet hole riddled beaver in front of a shut down Motel. I'll leave further comment up to others.

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