IIIf goes upta camp

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    Ektar 100. Collapsible Summicron 50/2 except #5 which was with the Summaron 28/5.6. Thanks for looking!
  2. Beautiful pictures, and those lenses! Good work, Jack.
  3. The last does nothing for me, but the others are fine. They make me think that in everyday camera optics, the last half century has brought only minor qualitative improvements.
  4. It's not the camera (even a very fine performing 60 year old one) but the person behind it. Jack, the joy in your photos takes me back to those happy summer memories as a 3 to 10 year old. Thanks.
  5. Is that your Grandfather's camera ? You're really putting it to good use Jack, good job!
    I especially like the mood of the #5 picture taken with the ole28. (The light falloff/venetting really made it for me)
    Obviously using a very high speed on picture #2, check out the even illumination across the film plane.
    (Tough for old cameras to achieve)
    A wonderful family vacation - an old camera body - classic lenses - mixed with Ektar 100 --- priceless...
  6. Now THIS is what I call Quality... Digital camera users should see that post... Wonderful pictures!
  7. My sense is the Leica went to Maine, possibly Lake Sebago? I've used my Leica on Lake Watchic (Standish), Lake Sebago, Long Lake (Naples) and Rangeley. My family has enjoyed vacations in Maine since the 1967.
  8. I feel much cooler. Thanks.
  9. Delightful shots. Carefully taken. You have to think about what you are doing with a meterless camera like the IIIg. To the truth, I've wanted one for years.
  10. Excellent pictures!!! I like very much!!!!
  11. Thank you all! Gus, yes, this is my grandfather's camera that you faithfully and expertly restored. Thank you again! Although I was not using the Elmar lens you worked on. I find the Summicron's cooler colors to be a better match for Ektar, while the warmer Elmar is better for Velvia.
    Alex, you can pick up a III for a relative song on ebay, just be prepared to spend another $200-300 on restoration.
    Paul, these were taken on Schoodic Lake, Maine.
    Mukul, I didn't expect the sunrise image to do much for anybody who's summer cottage deck I did not take it from. I just included it as kind of the finale of the story being told here.
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    Agree - great pics!!! Just dropped off 3 rolls shot with in Maine my Gus-restored IIIc. Summer here is the best.
  13. Great shots; great kids; great camera; great lenses -- Leica love story!
  14. Excellent shots. The 50/2 summicron is pretty rare for the IIIf's (even the collapsable one). I'm not sure I could do as well with my summitar from a technical perspective.
  15. Just a great series of a nice family vacation, very nicely done. That first shot is perfect Maine. Thanks for your comments on film selection as I'll be taking the same lenses to Maine in two weeks.
  16. Thanks! Just got my first rolls of Velvia 50 back and even with the Elmar it was still too blue. Next I'm going to try an 81A warming filter like KR uses with Velvia.
  17. Nice series, Jack. You're making me miss my IIIf. Nice memories you've captured there, I love the intensity in the face of the young helmsman in #8
  18. As a Canoehead from the north I feel quite at home in places like this in Maine and the upper NE states. Perhaps that which is most common among New Englanders, Ontarians and Quebeckers is our common affection for the country cottage and lake. It is a true natural wealth to have more than a couple hundred thousand lakes in our midst, and an ability of even the less wealthy to have that special summer place, where family memories are so easily generated.
  19. "You have to think what you are doing with a meterless camera..."
    Yes, and with a metered camera, you have to think what the meter is doing. I know which "doing" I prefer.

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