I800 Scanner and Snow Leopard?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by sg_adams, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. New to this forum, but thought I'd ask if anyone has had any problems getting Microtek scanner downloads for 10.6.2 Snow Leopard to run their scanners. Mine is the i800, which was running perfectly with my PC until I tried it on my new iMac. I am somewhat computer challenged, but figured I downloaded the software driver bundle ok as it is pretty much idiot proof. I did try to run my old software before I realized I had to get new drivers. I have cleared everything scanner related I can find on the new Mac and re-tried several times and still having scanner or software lockup. Microtek responded to one of three support emails I've sent in the last few days. Just said try again, no one else is having problems. I don't believe that. From all the problems on various forums I found when searching for answers there are a lot of issues getting things right for Snow Leopard.
    Anyway, the scanner will sometimes work, and I actually made two scans in a row before it quit again, but this will never do as I have a lot of work to do with it, and I need the 11x14 reflective for some of my 8x12 color prints from days gone by. Looking at some different scanner options available I see there is almost nothing that does 4x5 anymore, which also sucks and the main reason I got this i800 Scanmaker. I dopn't think it is the scanner but the drivers. Or, and I say or, one thing that is different is I used the Firewire with the PC, and am now using an after market high quality USB cab;e, and I wonder if maybe getting a Firewire that will fit the scanner and the smaller plug on the Mac might work. I still think Microtek didn't get it right, but I'll run out and see if I can get a plug or adapter if someone thinks I have a cabling issue. I've never had a problem like that before.
  2. Have you tried Vuescan?
  3. No I haven't tried Vuescan, but would like to. I like Silverfast but I think I should get the scanner working with the basics, which I do use sometimes. Nice to have a couple options.
    Will Vuescan run the scanner on its own without loading anything from Microtek?
  4. Vuescan has its own drivers for a lot of scanners. For example, it's the only way to get my Minolta working on Snow Leopard or Windows 64.
  5. I have tried Vuescan and so far it seems to be making really nice scans. A little quirky as I am not familiar with it yet but just running a few tests was like wow, much better that fooling around with the other software...

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