I Won a Photo Award for Shot with M6 + Summicron 35/2 Asph.

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by alex_es, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. A photo of mine got the Hyogo Prefectural Parliament Award for 2009 from the International Photography Association the other night. It is not quite as impressive as it might sound. But I can say with a bit of modest pride that the IPA exhibition that my photograph appeared was formidably good. Here is the image that won the prize, shot with my M6 TTL, 0.58 + Abrahamsson Rapidwinder and Summicron 35/2 Asph.
  2. Here is pix of the certificate I got....
  3. Congratulations. I'm delighted for you and I must say, having seen many of your images I'm not surprised at your success.
  4. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    Alex, that is great! Congrats to you.

    Also, it was very nice to meet you in Kyoto. Thanks again for taking us around and for speaking Japanese for us.
  5. Well done, Alex!!!
  6. Well done! congrats, Alex!
  7. Good job Alex. Great shot!
  8. Nice one...Congrats!!! That is wonderful...
  9. Otlichnaia Rabota!!!! Pozdravliaiu!!!!
    (Good Job!!! Congratulations)
  10. Alex, congratulation !
  11. Way cool, Alex. Very nice shot.
  12. Congratulations Alex.
  13. great Alex. Congratulations. You're to modest though. An IPA award is in fact quite a big deal.
  14. Thank you so much everyone!!
  15. Nice shot, Alex! Congratulations!
  16. Congratulations!!
  17. Alex - nicely done! And, I agree, you have lots of winning shots in your portfolio.

  18. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    The more I look at that shot, the more I like it. It is a compositional thing. And of course that she is looking right at you. Sweet.
  19. Thats is so cool! Ichi ban, or something like that since I was only in Japan for 50 days and 100 nights.
    Your winning photo is a lot of fun to look at, nice shot and great to see you win that, it's a labor of love no?
  20. Alex, Congratulations. Nice shot.
  21. Excellant Alex and the award is cool too:)
  22. Congrats. Its easy to see why you won.
  23. Nice one Alex
  24. Great joB,WELL DONE
  25. I love it when people are this happy! Congrats, Alex! The recognition is well deserved.
    Michael J Hoffman
  26. Good news, great picture, Alex. I always feel cheered up when I see your posts! Harry
  27. Great picture, congratulations.
  28. Great picture, congratulations.
  29. Great picture, congratulations.
  30. Wonderful Alex!
  31. Way to go. That is so cool.
  32. Thank you everyone for your kind words. This is as good as getting the award!!
  33. Congratulations Alex. this is a very fine shot !
    Keep posting your great picutres !
  34. Great shot Alex. Did you shoot in RAW?
  35. Thank so much guys!! It's really heartwarming!
    Paul, I shot film! Fuji ISO 800 film which I converted to black and white in Photoshop.
  36. Thank so much guys!! It's really heartwarming!
    Paul, I shot film! Fuji ISO 800 film which I converted to black and white in Photoshop.
  37. hi alex -- i have enjoyed your work since the "old days" here at p-net. congrats!
  38. Thanks roger!
  39. Alex great shot of young people having fun and yes the eye contact makes the shot, without it the photo would be just another grab shot called "street photography". Congratulation well done!
  40. Alex,
    Congratulations on your award. Superb image. You deserve it!!
    Gary Burdette
  41. Fine picture and great award, my compliments, Giuseppe P.
  42. As usual, Alex, you raised the standard again. Good work! And you deserve the prize!
  43. good for you!
  44. Way to go, Alex !
  45. Congratulations, and best wishes on taking more award winning photographs. Nice certificate too.
  46. Congratulations! And watch out for those half blinded bicyclists!
  47. Congrats Alex. It is nice to see you recognized. You have such an eye for the personal relationships hidden in the city (that applies to all your work).
  48. Congratulations...
    It is nice to see an appreciation of the work of a dedicated photographer.
  49. Good work, Alex.
  50. Congratulations!
  51. Well done Alex!
  52. What a beautiful and simple picture! Congratulations! (what? no flash, no super-wide or tele lens,no tricks, no filters, no photoshop? lol)
  53. WoW!!! Thank you and thank you one and all for your kind and encouraging words. I am really moved!!
  54. Anybody who gets that kind of recognition from shooting an M6 can't be all bad. In a few days I'm taking my M6 on a special assignment in a chapel with available light, most of it filtered through heavy stained glass. I won't win any international prizes but I'll come back with some dazzling color (Fuji Provia 400) that should need little if any post-shoot tinkering. Really like your shoot.
  55. Lovely shot indeed - Bravo Alex!
  56. Congratulations!
    I like the composition. Very well done!
  57. Alex,
    Congrtulations, and deserving in every way!
  58. Alex,
    Congrtulations, and desrving in every way!
  59. Alex,
    Congrtulations, and deserving in every way!
  60. Alex,
    Congrtulations, and deserving in every way!
  61. Sorry. Did not mean to lay on the keys!
  62. Nice shot Alex and congratulations.
    I got to thinking the kind of activity shown in the picture would garner one a $327 fine here in Canada.
    $109 for riding other than on the road. $109 for riding with more than one person on a bike
    $109(perhaps $218?) for riding without a helmet
    "But officer, it's a prize winning photograph!"
  63. Congratulations Alex.
    And a very nice picture I might add!
    Best, Doug
  64. Colin, you forgot (for Denmark): no white reflector on the front, no reflectors on the wheels. And the parents should be reprimanded for letting their kid(s) ride without helmets.
  65. Nice Picture, Alex. Congratulations! Would love to see more of your work for inspiration. Best wishes- Afzal
  66. Golly, golly, golly. Thanks so very much for all the really beautiful words!!! It is truly encouraging and uplifting and just simply wonderful!! Thank you one and all!
    Those naughty girls are quite typical. It's illegal in Japan but I've yet to see the police stop anyone for riding like this. I have also yet to see any bikes break from this sort of abuse.
  67. Bravo ! A lively shot. And thank you again for helping locate this Xpan lens
  68. Thanks Pierre!! Glad you got the lens.
  69. Hi Alex, Great shot, lots of fun. Take care
  70. Nice shot, Alex! Quite ugly bokeh at the top of the escalator, though! Might have looked better taken with a Hexar AF. Discuss... ;-)
  71. Thank you Cynthia Jean and Bruce!!
    I'm no judge of bokeh, I'm afraid.
  72. Thank you Cynthia Jean and Bruce!!
    I'm no judge of bokeh, I'm afraid.
  73. Congrats on winning the award.
    However, if you want a gold star for using a Leica to do it, I just don't know what to say. A pic is a pic and a camera is a camera.
  74. Thank you. This is the Leica and Rangefinder forum where we show what we do with our Leicas and rangefinders.
  75. I know Alex...We are all Leica lovers...and some of us sometimes makes jokes, even! ;)
  76. Alex. Good for you. Congratulations. Love it. Bit naughty but have it on my desktop.
    Best wishes.
  77. Alex, yuo are a longtime prince of the Leica Forum and should be rewarded with a hero icon. Never frazzled, allways sincere and pashionate WRT Leica photography...well done. May I have a print?
  78. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    "However, if you want a gold star for using a Leica to do it, I just don't know what to say. A pic is a pic and a camera is a camera."
    Um, he *got* the gold star, man. What was the purpose of your comment?
  79. Mr. Rowlett,
    It is not as bad as you think...
    First of all, please read my second post to Mr. Shishin.
    Second of all, he got the gold star for the photo; not for use of Leica. That was my point, and my poke.
    We can all relax and take our chill pills.
  80. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    Dig it. But, along with others, I'm sensitive to the issue of snarkiness on this forum, something that we've endured quite a lot of over the years.
  81. Many thanks for everyone's good wishes!! And good intentions. I'm overwhelmed every time I come to this thread.
  82. Totally groovy. Congrats.
  83. Thanks, Paul!!
    Again thanks to everyone!
  84. What I like about it is that it's a FUN picture! These two are obviously enjoying themselves. A happy moment, well spotted. The world needs more pictures like this! Well done!
  85. Thank you David!
  86. One more time I must thank all of you for your very kind and encouraging thoughts! I remained moved and overwhelmed.
  87. Alex, A very belated congratulations!!!! You're a gentleman in every sense. (I've been away on a long trip.)
  88. Congratulations ,

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