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  1. I took the opportunity to put my hands on the new Canon 7D mkii over Thanksgiving weekend and I must say it felt very nice in the hands. I also held the Pentax K3 which I didn't like the way it felt. Rather than get caught up on which camera body/system takes a better photo, I'm more interested in how the camera feels in the hand and how the button layout allows for shooting experience. That being said, although I like the layout and feel of the Canon, I personally like the look that the Nikon sensors produce over the Canon's (dynamic range, color, etc.). I'm wanting to expand my shooting habits into wild life (birds, etc.) and still holding out for the Nikon answer to the Canon. If it doesn't happen by spring next year I will likely start looking at the D750 or the D7100, I currently have D7000 and it will stay as second body.
  2. I have sent an e-mail to administration about my little blue 4 icon needing to be change to a little green 5. I haven't received a response. sorry for posting this issue here, but maybe I can get my green 5 by doing so :)
  3. What was the view like through the viewfinder? Tunnel-vision or kinda-like being there?
  4. " Rather than get caught up on which camera body/system takes a better photo,"
    The only camera body taking the better photo, is YOU.
    Have a Happy Holiday Season.
  5. Part I. Visualizing an image of a scene is artistic and/or creative....
    Part II. Capturing it, as visualised in Part I, is purely technical.
    A 'better' camera can/will help with Part II;.......... Part I, not so much, if at-all.
    If you're 'seeing' a 10fps freeze-frame montage of a gymnast, then a 7D MKII is the tool for the job. No point unearthing your D80.
  6. Mike the viewfinder was very nice and full frame like.
  7. Maybe you should swap cameras with Jason X a few threads below Kyle.
    The main difference between the D7100 and 7DII appears to be 7 versus 10 FPS. How many duff frames do you want to spend time deleting? Or how much time deciding which of several near-identical frames is the one to keep?
  8. the D7100 and 7DII appears to be 7 versus 10 FPS​
    Now, if you put the D7100 sensor in the 7D MKII, you'd make a worthy sports beast....
    RJ, it's only 7 if you go for a further 1.3X crop.....making a 2x crop in all.
    Normally it's only 6...... and in bad maths, that's only a bit more than 1/2 the canon's speed.
  9. The 10 fps doesn't get me too excited, the 6.5 fps on the d7100 is fine. I was mostly enjoying the way the Canon 7D mark ii felt in the hand, not that the Nikon feels bad unlike the K3.
  10. Oh! and the 60+ cross type focusing sensors is a nice touch for birding! I do think that Nikon's 3D tracking is great and will do fine.
  11. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Having 10 fps is nice for action photography, but it is like pixel count; once you reach 16, 20MP, any additional pixel makes a rather small difference. I think once you reach 7, 8fps, the incremental advantage is pretty small. And if you really need frame rate, definitely go with something without a bouncing mirror. 20fps is common for mirrorless in these days.
    The issues with the D7100 are the shallow buffer and the consumer-grade construction quality. I kind of doubt that Nikon is interested in producing any pro-sumer-grade DX bodies any more.
    Concerning ergonomics, Nikon has changed the battery orientation on the D750 to make the grip deeper. Hopefully that is a design they will also use for the successor to the D7100.
    The battery orientation on the D750 is different from that on the D810 and other DSLRs that use the EN-EL15.
  12. I think once you reach 7, 8fps, the incremental advantage is pretty small.​
    Shun, how do I even get to 7 with a 'current' DX model Nikon DSLR? Sorry you can't...but oh look, there's the 2009 D300S.
  13. ShunCheung

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    Mike, of course no current Nikon DX DSLR gives you 7fps, but Nikon has given up on that market sector several years ago or they would have introduced a successor to the D300S in 2011, 2012, or 2013. That is a well known fact that I have pointed out for almost two years. With the new price for the D7100 dropping to, what, $900 or so, there is no current Nikon DX-format DSLR that is over $1000 too. In other words, if you compare new prices, the most expensive, so called "flag ship" Nikon DX DSLR costs about half as much as the 7D Mark II.
    In the mean time, the last full-frame DSLR Canon introduced is still the 6D from over two years ago. You can argue that Canon's entire line of full-frame DSLRs is a bit out of date while Nikon has the D4s, D810, and D750 all within 2014. Each company simply chooses to do business differently at this point.
  14. Shun, why do you think Nikon introduced the bizarre D7100's 1.3x crop and get the machine up to 7fps if they didn't really, actually want to get to 7fps? Even for marketing reasons, it's pretty shallow?
    So are you either saying, or implying, Canon = DX and Nikon = FX ? Is that what both companies want? Really??
    How does that fit with any concept of camera upgrade for Canon DX users? Oh, go Nikon!
  15. ShunCheung

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    So are you either saying, or implying, Canon = DX and Nikon = FX ? Is that what both companies want? Really??​
    Mike, I never imply those things. On web forums, please do not use the word "imply." Let me speak for myself.
    What I am saying is that Nikon has long decided to abandoned high-end DX, i.e. in the $1800 range. Nikon of course is still introducing a lot of mid to low end DX bodies, but nothing about $1200 any more. In these days Canon is simply very slow in introducing DSLRs. It took them over 5 years to introduce the 7D Mark II and it has been over 2 years for any full frame DSLR.
    If you buy a 7D mark II, 2, 3 years from now, you could be waiting for a long long time for the 7D Mark III while the 7D Mark II gets out of date.
  16. Sorry Shun, absolutely wrong word. I was aiming for 'think'....:)
    Anyone know how the sales of the 7D MKII are?
    Maybe they both think the market is pretty saturated other than at the top end? They both have enough models at the bottom/middle.
  17. It is not so easy to get hands on reliable sales data on individual products that would cover world wide sales over a period of time. Amazon.com lists best sellers by product category but they are updated "hourly" and I don't think they tell us how long a time span is included in generating these rankings. Finally there are no actual numbers of cameras sold. At the moment of the higher end DSLRs that are currently made, D7100 ranked 9th in the "Best sellers; DSLR" category, D810 12th, 70D 16th, 7D Mk II 17th, 6D 16th, D750 22nd, 70D+18-135 STM kit 26th, 5D Mk III 27th, D610 28th, D750 + 24-120/4 kit 32nd. About a week ago I noticed that the D750 was ahead of the 7D Mk II in these rankings and the 6D was behind it, but the rebate on the D810 may have pushed that camera up the list and the D750 down at least temporarily. Some of these products are several year old (5D Mk III) so their continuing good sales performance is remarkable IMO. But this is just one store, I am not sure if the data is specific to the US store, and we don't know how it is calculated. Overall sales in terms of monetary value and number of units sold quarterly by category can be found at CIPA's web site but this data is averaged over the brands included and not specific to any product.
    I am not really sure if these statistics are valuable or not but at least they are compatible with Nikon's statement to their investors that Nikon's D810, D7100 and D750 are selling well. The discounted older & entry level models I left out since it didn't seem pertinent to the topic.

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