I need to replace my Nikon D300s

Discussion in 'Sports' started by randrew1, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. I was very satisfied with the D300s for sporting events. It was stolen last week so I'm deciding on the replacement. The things missing from general reviews are measures of the speed and accuracy of the AF system. Is there another model in the Nikon prosumer line that has better AF or faster frame rate?
  2. Shun has suggested the D7100 as an alternative to the D300 for action oriented photography. If I'm correctly recalling his summary he found the D7100 generally quicker overall other than the buffer. There are a few Nikon forum threads where he's gone into more detail.
  3. I use a d300s, and have borrowed a d7000 a couple times. I did not like the d7000 it just isn't as tough. friend has had it repaired twice in year, i don't know anything about d7100. If I was in your shoes I would probably look for a used d300s.
  4. Given how long ago Ron posted, I don't think he's interested any more, Shawn - he's posted elsewhere on the forum since then.
    If he can't be bothered to follow up, I wouldn't have bothered answering him, myself.

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