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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by phil_sugar, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. My CRT seems to be dying of old age and I would like to upgrade to a
    LCD Monitor. I will be using Photoshop CS and would appreciate some
    suggestions on what to purchase. I have been looking at the 19" to
    21" Eizo, Planar, Apple, Sony etc. The prices are all over the place
    and I realize I will need to budget a hefty amount.
    1. Any suggestions on make and model?
    2. Some manufacturer(s) state that their color space is in RGB(Adobe
    1998) and others, I assume, have a more limited palette like sRGB. If
    anyone has any information or opinions on this subject I would
    appreciate it since some of these monitors are outrageously expensive.
    Thanks to all,
  2. information or opinions
    How 'bout an opinion. I use the Apple 20" LCD display and it is amazing. You will pay but if you spend a lot of time in front of it working on your images, you will appreciate the space and the quality. Others will state facts.
  3. Who besides Eizo is claiming that that their monitor can display the full Adobe RGB (1998)
    gamut? Most monitors are doing well to display the full sRGB gamut.
  4. If you can afford the Eizo, get it. Otherwise look at what LaCie, Sony, NEC and others have to offer, which usually costs less than the Apple displays with sometimes equal or better quality.

    HP has a 23" screen using the same panel as the Apple 23" Cinema display, but costs a bit less last I looked. Might also be worth considering.

    Apple, Sony, LaCie, NEC, etc are all good brands to look at. They're not going to match an Eizo, but they also cost less (even the Apple displays).
  5. All I can say is be careful of lesser known name brands, such as Viewsonic--I'm throwing out 2 17" LCDs because they've both been to repair already and have since dropped out of warranty.

    I have 2 other Viewsonics that show signs of dying--the company didn't care. I'm replacing them with 4 new LG Electronics 19" LCDs. I have never had an LG LCD, however I hear it's a big company and widely used in Europe. Also comes with 3 year warranty.

    Lots of luck.

  6. You shouldn't be having problems with Viewsonic, they make some excellent displays.
  7. Within the last montth I bought an entire new system. I bought the Dell machine and then bought a Apple 20 inch Cinema Display. I love the Apple display. I wish I would have known they were goign to go down in price, i might have waited and got the 23 inch, but it is great. No color controls to mess up, just brightness. It is great working in CS and then hook up an old CRT to the analog port to check page layouts if you work with web pages
  8. nobody mentions formac. great lcd monitors. www.formac.com
  9. Carl,

    You're dead wrong on Viewsonic. I actually own between 15 and 18 Viewsonic monitors so I speak from experience. I work with a quad-monitor display at work (4 Viewsonics that are going to be tossed because Viewsonic won't fix them a SECOND TIME!) and 7 of my employees have dual displays each. I purchased Viewsonic monitors for my company and I won't be purchasing another Viewsonic again. Most of them are model VG175.

    How many have you had experience with?


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