I built a film slitter

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  1. This is one of the best projects of all time. Using a design by Ron Pedelty. It cost around $10,00 to build, and works great! I did a dry run after finishing it tonight, and the film is next to it in the photograph(I removed the sprocket strips. The instructions can be seen at his web site http://ronp.freeyellow.com/slitter.htm Thanks Ron!
  2. David, is your slitter a pull through slitter ?<p>
    I thought Ron's slitter was a long flat bed slitter
  3. Martin, I built it just as designed, a pull thru slitter. I made a few refinements in the construction using mostly Aircraft Plywood with a fir base. By cutting up small pieces of plywood and gluing them into place, I was able to assure perfect alignment of the cutting block, with out using a chisel or router. See the attached photo. I am amazed by how well it works, and the cost in next to nothing. It will also be easy to work with in a changing bag.
  4. David, yes a pull through slitter is easy to operate inside a change bag<p>
    Can you upload a picture of the replaceable cutting blade assembly?
  5. I took this with my son's clunker Kodak DC215 which really does not have any Macro ability. This shot was taken before I poured in the epoxy, and covered it with felt. The cut off machine screw and nuts hold the blades in alignment prior to filling the box. The blades are break-off utility blades I purchased from ACE hardware. The blade holders are compressed brass tubes. The box is the one the Minox film comes in. If you go to the web page in my first post, there is a very good discription of the whole thing. Like I said I just put my touch on Ron Pedelty's design. The real shock is how well it works. I mean really it cost zip! The hole punch device I purchased today to cut the keyhole in the film leader cost more than the slitter. I just purchased a roll of Ilford pan F, & Efke ASA 25 to load first. My empty cassettes just arrived from Mixox yesterday. I went back and read your older posts regarding Rodinal Special, but it's not to be found in the SF bay area, so I purchased a LB. of Sodium Sulfate to make up a stock solution. How long will the solution keep prior to adding the Rodinal? Regards David Cuttler
  6. David, the black Minox boxlike cutter caught my eyes<p>
    It reminds me of another small slitter made by Birkby
    <img src="http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Minox-FAQ/files/hardware/minox3.jpg"><p>

    Rodinal Special is not sold in USA, probably because it may contain
    some skin irriting chemicals (I have no problem with it )
    <p> Sodium sulphite solution does not keep for long, in about three months it change appearance, I was told. The best bet is to mix
    the diluted Rodinal, use it then discard<p>
    I heard that diluted Rodinal + Vitamin C (Xtol substance) is even
    better, however I have no detail ( Many be mixing diluted Rodinal
    with diluted Xtol may work ?)
  7. I would rather stick to liquids if I can. I am going out now to Tap Plastics to buy meaterial for a film holder to fit my scanner. I built one from brass awhile ago, but I am not real happy with it. It was too heavy, and wanted to tilt in the scanner!
  8. David, before you consider your slitter project complete, you need to check a few things:
    • stretch a film strip along a ruler or grid paper, check the straightess of edges
    • Use a 20x magnifying glass, check both side of the cut film, check for any scratch marks
  9. how did you make the film perforations necessary to advance film properly?

  10. There are three knife blades in the cutter. When you pull the 35mm film thru the slitter, the perforated sides are cut off and discarded. The result is two strips of film 9mm wide if I remember. I do the whole thing in a changing bag, then store the film strips in a light tight can for later loading into the casettes.


  11. Vlad, Minox film is like 120; it doesn't have perforations.

    (Another late response)

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