HTML redirect for non-Flash users?

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  1. Can anyone please recommend how to create a redirect to an HTML version of my Flash site? (For those unlucky enough to be browsing with an ipad / iphone..)
  2. First, do you have such an HTML-friendly version of the site (or of key pages) already in place? Is it in a different folder of the same root site, or is it essentially just a different collection of pages - by different names - in the same root, along side the Flash stuff? Just trying to get the big picture, here.

    Secondly: are you currently working with a template-based site that's controlled by someone else, or do you have complete access to all of the files that make up the site's current content?

    The web is full of good examples of how to do this with JavaScript, and even without. More or less randomly, here's a typical discussion, with code examples:
  3. Thanks Matt.
    I'm just about to start on an HTML version, which I will put in a separate folder. I know Flash pretty well and DW moderately, I've created and uploaded the site myself so have full access. At the moment I use a DW page to hold the Flash movie.
    I took a look at the link. I'm not too hot on coding but the 2nd example seemed to make sense, providing I know where to paste it. Does it go before everything else in the coding?
    A second question, which maybe I should paste separately, have you used Adobe Edge? At a glance this looks to have the functionality of Flash but is HTML. That way I'd only need 1 version! What do you think?
  4. I agree that anything you can do to get away from using Flash is a good idea. The "Edge" product, if I understand it, is designed to spit out compliant HTML that can take care of the vast majority of the things one used to turn to Flash to handle. A very good idea.
  5. So, basically you need to detect if the user has the proper version of flash installed and if not, redirect them.
    So, you should be using a detection script that detects to make sure the current version of Flash is what you need to work with your flash. Just alter that script to use a window.location="your full url here"; line in it if it fails to detect flash or a version not compatible with your site. I would also add a text link in either <noscript> tags or just in the overall design. do understand JavaScript, correct?
    But, as Matt says, moving away from Flash is a good idea for 90% of things. About the only place I like it anymore is media such as video players and maybe animation (depending on complexity).
  6. Thanks both. I don't understand JavaScript but thanks anyway Zach! If Edge is genuinely the best HTML alternative to Flash then I think I'll just learn that and recreate the site from scratch. Just wondering why I've never heard of this programme before. Is it to be used in conjunction with DW, ie to hold the Edge file, or is it stand alone? If the latter then is DW old news too?
  7. Flash has to sit inside a html wrapper for the Web page, so you can just add the html link somewhere around the flash, usually at the top. You can make if fancy or just plain html/css code, eg. "Non-Flash Version" and you're done. You don't need flash detectors as the link will display. This won't work if your entire Website and pages are flash, meaning that's the only code between the body tags, but that's not smart these days, but then so is flash anymore unless you give the visitor options.
  8. Thanks Scott. I'm hoping the code that Matt suggested (above) will redirect the user so I won't need to provide an option to click on. I guess I'll give it a go and find out.
    I've started using Adobe Edge (preview) which appears to be an HTML version of Flash but I've just discovered that you can't make buttons yet! I'm hoping future previews or the bata will allow it. Meanwhile can you or anyone suggest an alternative? I simply need to create animated blends between images, nothing fancy, but something less clunky than DW. I'm going to post separately about that. Cheers.
  9. Maybe I am off topic in my understanding but If nice transitions between images is the key issue try diplaying them with a jQuery based slideshow or gallery.
    Greetings :)

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