How to Sign an Art Photography Print?

Discussion in 'Business of Photography' started by rfader, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Good info!
  2. Sounds right. I minimize size and standardize two letters as signature. Some people use printing date as well. Don't use any kind of title. HPR is a great, classic inkjet paper...I like the Natural rather than the White. I've switched mostly to Canon Pro papers (matte or lustre, depending) but sometimes Red River Aurora Art White.. Pencils don't work on certain inkjet papers (e.g. not on lustre or glossy). For them I use Pigma Micron ...generally 03 size. I always sign in margin when I'm delivering/sending prints. I don't think galleries would like signatures on image area.
  3. When I buy water color or pastel sketches, I always asked the artist to signed the work. usually in the front bottom corner, visible in the frame. :)
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    We have had this conversation before! I sign mine in the bottom left corner--matted or unmatted--on the photo itself. I do this in silver or gold ink, which has as good an archival standard as the museum grade paper I am printing on. An example here: print-signature.jpg

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