How to replace a Minolta capacitor?

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  1. Well, my Ebay luck with "broken" cameras that really just need batteries has run out. I have in my possession a pristine Minolta X-7A - but with new batteries (and I've tried different ones from different makers) it flash some meter lights, but die before firing the shutter. I think that indicates a bad capacitor, and I found where to get a replacement capacitor.
    So, two questions:
    -Can anybody confirm that this is the symptom of a bad capacitor?
    -Does anybody have a repair manual or any instructions or pictures that would help me do a replacement?
    (Even if I can't fix it, it's no big deal, because it was $12 and I actually bought it for the lens.)
  2. eBay is a great marketplace. I have been buying X-700 stuff lately.
  3. It can be a number of other reasons, like a bad electronics component, a bad circuit, etc.
    What kind of capacitor do you have in mind? Are you sure there is one capacitor that you identified? or a dozen capacitors for separate circuts in the camera ?
    You need to send the camera to Minolta service center. Since it was sold for $12. perhaps some possible repair estimates were too high to fix it?
    If all what you loose is a $12, then you could possibly try to fix it yourself, assuming that you are seasoned electronics technician? Have a digital sampling storage scope, signals generators, array of meters, de-soldering and soldering station, anti-static mat or place to work, power supplies and electronics parts on your repair bench. What is your current profession?
    Even though you perhas would need parts from Minonta service, after you identify the bad parts, which perhaps will not be easy. But for $12 you have little to loose, and a lot to learn from the experience, even if you will not fix it, it could be worth it to try.
  4. Have a look at :
    Half way down the page = x300 info.
    The capacitor solders on to a flexible circuit board which requires a reasonably steady hand.
    Worked OK for me.
  5. I had 2 X-700s in mint condition. One of them failed with a frozen shutter. I didn't know about the cap fix at the time and sold them both. I think the cap stores energy to fire the shutter release solenoid. An internet search reveals many posts about the issue, including one on
  6. Thanks guys. I think that's all the information I need.
  7. Andy, you can slide a Popsicle stick or something similar to that under the flexible circuit board to help hold it steady while you solder the new capacitor in place. I did one a year or so ago and it took about 5 minutes (if that). Very easy repair. Also if it hasn't been mentioned, you have to make sure it is put in in the proper direction + or -, the picture in the above link shows one with the stripe down the side, just make sure that is oriented the same way as the old one and you should be good to go.

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