how to move all images from iphoto to folders

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  1. I'd like to get rid of iphoto and think the best way is to transfer the pictures from iphoto to folders in finder. The photos in iphoto aren't organized well and I don't want to mess with their properties. How can I transfer to folders carefully and know their original form is preserved after the move/deleted from iphoto? HELP.
    I am new to macs and have heard that when photos are uploaded from iphoto to certain sites they aren't in full resolution- so they must be transferred to the desk top/ another folder first, then uploaded. Is this true?
  2. In iPhoto, right click on a photo and choose "Show file" it'll reveal it in Finder.

    To browse your iPhoto library in Finder, go to Pictures folder in your home folder, right click on 'iPhoto library' and choose 'Show package contents'. From there you can open 'originals' and it should be arranged by year then date. There also other stuff, like modified copies etc that you can just explore yourself.
  3. I have an older mac, but when I click on Share > Export I have the option to resize them prior to exporting, or share the full size original files. Basically, the mac is asking you how and where to export them. You can select them all at once and click export. Name your folder, point iPhoto to that folder and click ok. Easy as pie.
    If you're uncertain, try it with one image and check to see that it has done what you were expecting.
  4. Also, you don't have to "mess with their properties" to simply organize photos in iPhoto. When you import them into iPhoto they are organized by date and time in the "Library", and that order can't be changed. But once you create a new album, and put some pics into it (from the Library), you can just drag and drop them into any order you want to keep them in. I'm using iPhoto v.5.0.4 on a G5 power mac.
  5. I think you should use some photo organisation software rather than just keeping your photos in folders. Once your photos are in folders on your hard-drive they may as well be in shoeboxes gathering dust. I use iPhoto and am happy with it because it does allow you to organise your photos very well. Whether your photos are well organised is a different question.
    One important aspect about iPhoto is that it is non-destrictive. All the original photos are preserved by iPhoto and you can revert to them at any time. (The live inside the iPhoto Library/Originals folder but don't go messing aroud in there unless you know what you are doing.) For exporting (File>Export>File Export), if you just choose the option 'Original' it will put out the original file. You also have various options when exporting where it scales or compresses your photos before sending. I suspect that what you've heard about photos on certain sites not being full resolution is a product of the sites. (For example, won't let you post an in line photo above 100K and 700pixels wide.) More generally, iPhoto will let you export full resolution original quality files, but some sites may not need that or want that.
  6. If I continue to use iPhoto, could someone explain how to delete photos from iphoto (completely erasing them from the computer)? Thanks
  7. Again, I'm speaking from the perspective of still using an old version of iPhoto, but if you go to the Library, select all the images, then navigate to "Photos" in the menu bar, there should be an option in the drop down menu to "Move to trash". That should do just what it says, it moves all the photos from the library to your iPhoto trash. Then just empty the trash to erase them from your computer.

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