How to expose with a barrel lens...?

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  1. Have a question! I have lens without shutter (I have posted before: Nicola
    Perscheid 210/4.9).Today I tried to expose some film (EFKE 25). I did it the
    way I think it is right: removing the lens cap when I prepared film and after
    exposing i put the lens cap back...But somthing realy interesting me: is there
    any special way to expose the film, especially if it is shorter time, let say
    1/4, or even 1/125 with such a kind of lenses. I would like to take shots at
    larger apertures but it requiers shorter time.I have been using ND4 and
    circular polarizer to extend the time for exposing but if there is any
    other "technik" I would like to know....thanks

  2. there was a shutter that went in front of the lens " packard shutter"?
    that had 2 blades that separated and then returned to block the light.
    it may have neen opened with a rubber bulb and hose and closed with a spring.

    possibly if ypou could see a photo somewhere you could make one.
  3. Old question.

    One way is to use a camera with a focal plane shutter. Speed Graphic, for example.

    Another is to hang the lens in front of a shutter. An adapter can be made. I shoot a number of barrel lenses this way.

    Another is to have the lens adapted to fit in a shutter.

    And then there are various ways to cover the shutter, uncover it briefly, and cover it back up again. They can all be made to work for exposures longer than 1/2 second, not for shorter.
  4. Packard shutters are still being made new. They also sell on Ebay all the time.
  5. Jim Galli has a technique of using a couple of darkslides that he moves rapidly across the shutter, similar to the way the focal plane shutter works for a Speed Graphic. Google it for more details and a picture of how it does it. He can get sub-second exposures with some consistency.
    Good luck,
    Dave B.
  6. Thanks Dave, I saw Jim Galli`s technique ane aleredy have try it. I will see the results. It is very practical. Frank, well packard shutters are also possible choice. Dan,I have Linhof camera, I `ve been shooting with speed graphic, and it is quite simple. You can put whatever you want infront, we have made some shots with my glasses :)). I know that lens could be also adapted to fit in shutter and that adapter could be made...that will be last solution..
    thanks everybody.

  7. You might also want to watch for a Luc shutter. They are similar to the Packard in operation, except that they use a standard cable release, and clamp onto the front of the lens. You can get a long exposure with the "B" setting or an "instantaneous" exposure of about 1/20 or 1/25. There is even an "O" setting, "Open", so you can focus before shooting.

    They were made in different sizes. I think they were made in Germany.

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