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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by taybay, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. Hi, I'm hoping someone can give me some idea about converting my RAW pics to JPeg. I have a Nikon
    D200 and love it. Am using Pictur Perfect that came with the camera and it is so easy for a computer
    novice like me. My Photoshop remains on the computer but just seems so overwhelming that I don't know
    where to start (so forget that for the moment). Can I convert my images taken in RAW and transfered into
    Picture Perfect for enhancing, into Jpeg format through picture perfect? If not, what can I do with them? If
    so, HOW. I need to be lead by the nose on this one so ANY help is appreciated. I really want to move into
    supplying stock photography sites (see whether I'm able to) but they only accept Jpeg. Kind Regards,
  2. Any image editing software (including PhotoShop and even Nikon's) can convert the raw image to JPEG so long as it can read Nikon's NEF raw file format (often requires a plug in). There are batch converters, but one way that works in almost every program is to open the .NEF file (RAW file), then go to File | Save As (Assuming Windows), and save it as a JPEG image. Sometimes you have to convert it to 8 bit before you have the option to save as JPEG, and you can't save it to JPEG if it has layers.
  3. Having a Mac reduces the amount of help I can get- there are way more PC users out there!
    There is no Save as listed in the file section of picture progect either. Thank you for your
    quick response.
  4. Au contraire.... Working off a Mac is far from a handicap. In your case, Picture project is the problem. If you don't care for Photoshop, I believe that Aperture has an NEF decoder. Good luck.
  5. I love using my Mac-the only handicap is that there aren't more Mac users out there! They
    don't know what they r missing! I guess I have to bite the bullet and learn how to navigate
    around Photoshop. I have just loved the simplicity of Picture Perfect, but alas, it is not really
    perfect. So next I ask, how do I convert from RAW to JPeg in Photoshop?
  6. "Save As" JPEG (or whatever you want, actually...)
  7. I got somewhat ahead of myself on that answer.... Nikon Capture has a Photoshop plug-in (or maybe it's the other way around?) that gives you an option of converting to 8-bit or 16-bit for Photoshop and defaults to TIFF. You could then do what I just said ^^^^^.
  8. Something's not making sense here. Erik, did your D-200 come bundled with 'Picture Project?' I thought they all came with Capture. Tanya, what is "Picture Perfect" and are you sure it came with the camera?
  9. I use Picture Perfect to convert using the EXPORT feature. It will ask you how and where to Export (in your case, as a JPEG -- to what ever file you designate).

    So create a new file ahead of time, and when prompted, tell it to export as a JPEG. I would uncheck the box that limits the size of the file...

    Hope this helps.
  10. No. I downloaded the free version of Nikon Capture in order to import 8-bit NEF files into PS. There was some trial version of something on the CD, but I had no use for it.
  11. Hi Hugh, Picture Perfect was a program that came with my D200. it is an editing tool program
    that does all the basic enhancing like sharpening, colour, brightness etc.
    Thank you all for your responses too.
  12. Tanya, I have had my D 200 for one year and shoot in RAW. I use Nikon View to view the images. It is free from Nikon. (I did not like Picture Perfect.) I use Nikon Capture to process the RAW images and save the processed files as RAW or NEF. You can go into Capture right from View without closing out the image you are looking at. Then using the processed NEF file in Capture, I make a JPEG sized or cropped to whatever specs I need. The process is very very simple. You can download Capture and use if for free for 30 days. They you have to buy it. The manual that comes with it is very well written.

    I do not know enough about PP to know if you can do the same thing in it.

    I have PS 7 but have not used it in that Capture does everything I need to do. Joe Smith
  13. Go to the Nikon web site and get a free copy of Nikon View. This is a free copy not a trial version. Nikon View is almost as easy as Picture Perfect, but has more features. One of the features is being able to process and save Raw files to Jpeg or Tiff one at a time or you can convert multiple files at once. Some of the other features are being able to change white balance, exposure, color, contrast and sharpening. A good programme for someone who wants a simple and basic converter.
  14. To Bill Keane, I would like to thank you for your gr8 advice. I have just tested what you
    recommended and have successfully converted my first RAW pic to a Jpeg in a seperate file
    frm Picture Perfect. Brilliant.
  15. Just remember that the NEF will be loaded as 16bit into PS, you cannot save a 16bit as a JPG. You have to convert to 8bit first, then the option in 'save as' will allow you to save the image as a jpg.
  16. I'm glad it worked, as it does for me. I guess the main thing is to find the way that works for you, and go out and take great pictures. PP came with my D80, and it does some things I like that View doesn't (though I use View too as my ultimate file for storage).
  17. You have PS...

    ...LEARN IT! as soon as you can. It will be as important as knowing how to use the camera,
  18. I really appreciate all the help and knowledge that you all have given me. Who knew that there were so many avenues to learn, and so many people to help. Thank you all so much.

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