HOW to change the aperture on the canon 7d.....?

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  1. I just traded in my nikon equipment for the canon 7d.. i love it so far..i purchased the kit that came with the 18-135mm lens... i am wondering how to adjust the aperture on this camera. I figured out iso as well as shutter speed.. but i can not seem to find out how to adjust the aperture while in MANUAL. May be a dumb question and right under my nose, but i am new to canon and could use some help. Thank you!
  2. Welcome to the world of Canon.
    Page 102 of your EOS 7D manual says:
    To set the aperture in Manual Mode, set the Quick Control Dial (QCD) switch to </>, and turn the QCD.
  3. Unlike the front index finger dial, Canon's back (thumb) dial is the flat dial on the back side of the bodies. There is a lock. Make sure it is un-lock. On M mode and P mode, like a lot of Nikon verse Canon stuff, it is backward from Nikon. ie. Use the back dial to change aperture in M mode instead of front dial on a Nikon.
  4. Yes, make sure that the back dial is unlocked... but you should probably read the manual as there is much in the way of useful information in there.
  5. You said you "figured out"! dont figure out, as Craig said RTFM (lol) there is way more in a manual for any modern camera than anyone can work out for themselves.
  6. Have fun with the AF modes. The intricacies of the QCD pale before the AF modes. If you're unable to read the manual you might wanna check out Canon's video tutorials:
  7. May be a dumb question and right under my nose...

    Yes, it is literally, right under your nose.
  8. Did it come with a manual?
  9. Who ever told me to unlock it.. thank you. i am alll set!

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