How to achieve this lighting effect

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    Can someone please tell me how was this effect achieved? Thanks.

    (Top left photo)

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  2. I assume you are asking about the background? From the shadow of the model, it appears that he cast shadows on the "highlights", thus I would conclude that the background is designed with a pattern that emulate the "light spots".
  3. There appears to be three studio lights, one for the mottled effect on the backdrop, one high up for the subject's face, and one fill-in for the subject's body. It looks pretty straight forward to me, but of course the photographer would have been familiar with lighting strengths, required depth of field, ISO etc. The shadows indicate the placement of the lights. The backdrop is seamless, which means it's the background and floor in one (no dividing line between the two)

    Could the photo be for an advertisement for a clothing brand?
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  4. It's possible that there's a scrim over the background light but he looks awfully close the wall or paper. It's more likely that there a several spot light throwing those splashes on the back drop.
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