How long has the LR6 catalog upgrade taken for you?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by alan_bryant|1, May 4, 2015.

  1. I'm upgrading from LR4. It's taken 45 minutes so far, and the progress bar hasn't moved in the last 40. It says it's "Preparing new searchable data." It's a fast i7 and the software, OS and catalog are on an SSD. Task manager reveals it's doing basically nothing, not running the disk or the CPU.
    Just wondering if this is typical.
    There are maybe 50k images in it, most of them currently offline. I kinda suspect it's trying, and retrying, and retrying, and retrying, to reach images on a network server that is not available.
  2. Yup, sounds like it has to 'try' everything. Let it go. It will complete. My upgrade was LR4->LR6. I don't think there are any issues with the upgrade.
  3. Probably normal. My first bout with LR4
    cataloging took several hours - maybe even
    overnight. For awhile I thought LR was abnormally
    slow, but it was tying up system resources while
    digesting many thousands of files. After that it
    was fine.
  4. Looking at my cat, it's less than 5000. I have not referenced my bigger one since the upgrade.
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    It took about ten minutes at the most for me, similar configuration, mine is a Mac, you don't say what your hardware is. I have over 130K images. Sounds like it's stuck or you have more complexity than I do, for some reason. Also, if you have to start over, discard all your previews in LR4 and then do the upgrade.
  6. It did finally finish. I'm not sure how long it took, I wasn't here when it finished. It seems to be working ok. I checked and there are actually 153,000 images in the catalog; apparently I shoot a lot of pictures.
  7. I don't keep everything in the one catalog. Really handy when you do a lot of "testing"....

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