How about a film camera forum?

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by tom_cheshire, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. I know there is a classic camera forum and lots of other brand specific forums (Nikon, Pentax, etc.) but how about a generic film camera forum? Not all film cameras are classics and most of the brand specific forums are digital. There should be a forum for film camera users whose film cameras are too "new" to be called classic (Nikon F6, etc.).
  2. "... and most of the brand specific forums are digital"​
    That might be how it appears to be, when it really is not. The majority of the discussions may be about digital cameras, probably because a large percentage of the participants shoot only digital. But there is still plenty of room in the Nikon, Pentax, Canon and Sony/Minolta forums for discussions about film cameras.
  3. All the brand specific forums accept questions related to film film bodies. The only "non-digital" forum is probably the Canon FD forum. All the rest are film/digital. I don't think any are "digital only"
  4. The only "digital only" forum is the aptly named "digital cameras" forum. I suppose you could consider "digital darkroom" as a digital forum, as anything in a computer is digital. But there is plenty of conversation about scanning film there as well.

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