Holga Lens for EOS mount

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by lancemcvay, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Holgamods.com is now offering a Holga lens glued on to a converted EOS body cap. I was thinking of buying a Lensbaby for the hell of it, but have gone with this instead.
    I'll post some photos once it arrives.
  2. This is a joke, right?
  3. Is there are "L" series version?
  4. That's just a sick idea. But it ain't the first! Somebody with more money than brains had a Holga lens adopted to a LF camera. It must have been a shame because the link hs disappeared.

    You want a Holga effect? Smash your lens over a rock.
  5. I received the Holgamods lens/EOS cap last week - really fun little toy. The lens is actually pulled off the front and glued back in between the Holga lens and body cap. Surprisingly sharp (for a Holga) in the center on a 1.6x crop camera. Fun stuff.
  6. I use mine on a 5D body. It bring back some of Kodak 126 look & feel. Except if the shot is bad, I can't blame the camera any more.
  7. Joe,

    Glad I'm not the only one that'll be held up to ridicule.
  8. Some people are just too serious. The more fun one can have with a camera, the better. I'm all for fun. Look forward to seeing some uploads, Lance :)
  9. The macro mode is great !
  10. Looks like some huge gaps are between the lens and body cap...

    After your sensor is covered in dust you'll an added 'special look' to your image.
  11. mbb


    Holga Lens for EOS mount
    It works best with 1DS Mark II so do not forget to order this body as well.
  12. The Holga lens is on a body cap. There is no gap between the body gap and the body (at least as much gap as a Canon body cap allows). It is a special purpose lens so it shouldn't have stay in the body long enough to cause dust issues. A full frame sensor does has enough room for the edge to have a better OOF Holga look.
  13. I'd been planning to adapt the lens from one of my Holgas to EF mount, but being lazy I've now ordered the Holgamods version instead. Should be fun!

  14. >>There is no gap between the body gap and the body<<

    No one said that.

    I said gap between the lens and the cap! At least, so it seemed from the image...
  15. A few quick shots in the backyard with the holga lens. [​IMG]

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