High School Sports Proposal and Contract

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  1. Hello Photo.net community,
    I need help and advise regarding High School Sports Proposal and Contract.
    I hace been approached by many parents asking me to take photos of their kids doing sports at our Middle school and High school.
    My daughters and son go to these schools and I have been shooting them for years.The parents like my work, so I went to the
    district office today and asked if I could get permision to take photos of the various sports since my kids attend and a lot of the
    parents know me.
    They told me to write a proposal and a contract to the Deputy Superintendent and they would consider it. So I came to this forum
    to get advise and help on doing the proposal and contract. Please I hope you can help.
    Thank you in advance.
    Best Regards to all
    Herb Neumann
  2. Herb -
    Your proposal should contain the following:
    1. Exclusivity clause or right of first refusal
    2. Something for the school out the sales
    3. Details regarding the sales / display of the images
    4. Payment timeframe
    5. Length of time that photos will be available.
    6. What do you need from the school? (Tables, power, workers, passes, access to normally restricted areas, food, etc...)
    7. Number of years proposed
    Contract would contain all of the above plus, injury damage, court of choice, etc... There's some good contract templates out there - also you probably would want to have a local lawyer run through it just to make sure that it would hold up.
  3. I assume that you will be selling images to the families. Unless the school specifies, only photograph those who pre-purchase and pre-pay the day of the event. Otherwise you'll be chasing people until eternity. The school may want a team photo of each team, etc. Anyone who competes with you in the bidding process will be "offering" something to the school or league and you will need to do the same to secure the contract. It may be a team photo for each coach or in many cases it will be cash. They will also want you to keep your package prices as low as possible. In order to avoid being squeezed, I always establish my package prices and set up a chart or spreadsheet with an additional 5%, 10%, 15%, etc. You can then let the school set the price. Otherwise you will be dipping into your profits and you'll be doing all the work and making nothing or even perhaps losing money.
    I hope this information helps.....-Aimee

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