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  1. My name is Jeff Simms I've been taking photo's for about 30 years. I live in the wilderness of British Columbia Canada so most of my photo's are of the animals that walk by me and the landscape I live around. Since I live around so much wood I frame my photography out of logs and any other old wood I come across. So when I'm out looking for shots to take I'm also looking for wood to frame them in. My bussiness is selling my framed photo's at trade and art shows. www.cowboywildlifephotography.com . I've been a member of Photo.net since nov/09 and have found it to be very helpful, and to see the work of some great photographer's.
  2. Jeff, Welcome to PN! The BC landscape has so many possibilities!
  3. Welcome to PN. It's a great place to learn and to help others learn. You'll get out of it what you put into it.
  4. Hi Jeff, welcome to PN. I really enjoy your pics, especially the animals, pets, and Africa. I'm a novice and I havn't introduced myself yet, nor posted pictures. I think I'll be ready soon!

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