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  1. New poster from the far North of England, around as far up as it goes before it becomes Scotland.

    Used most systems and formats in the last couple of decades but appear to have finally settled on Fuji X as my system of choice. I went through a long period devoted to street photography but have come out of the other side of that (Coronavirus helped make my decision for me) and have been getting more and more back to landscape and waterscape using wide angles and 16 stop NDs. I have a weak spot for fixed lens cameras, though, and I'm never happier than when snapping away with a Ricoh GR or a Fuji X100, and I particularly love seeing how far I can push the Sony RX cameras.

    Look forward to reading and posting :)
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    I have a particular soft spot for my Fuji X100s: additionally, I think that she manages an R72 Filter quite well.

    I expect that the North of England close to Scotland is nothing like this - but I reckon you should have some alternative and interesting captures from your neck of the woods and will look forward to seeing them.


  3. Thanks a lot :)

    You're right, we're a bit more rural and ruinous than that. I used an X100S for years, the built in ND meaning that I could get 13 stops reduction with just a tiny cheap 10 stop ND filter was inspirational for me and got me interested in extreme long exposures. Moving back to interchangeable lenses meant heavier duty filters, which is fine, but the dust issue is causing me enough grief that I'm seriously considering going back to a fixed lens system. Literally impossible to keep my sensor clean enough, although it's a nice feature of a 16 stop that I can shoot 30 seconds around f/4 to avoid dust, and just stack images to get a suitable imitation of a "genuine" eight minute exposure

    Will go and post an image :)
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  4. I bet it's going to be Bamburgh Castle.
  5. Very close :)
  6. William, this is a great black & white photo. I have a keen interest in black & white, although I don't think I've put anything out that is this good. I love the crisp lines and tonal contrast. Beautiful!
  7. William Michael

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    Thank you, Mikey.
  8. Welcome to PN and looking forward to your photos.


  9. Welcome

    Despite considerable grumbling, there's no other photo site quite like P.net -- for better or for worse.:rolleyes:
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