Help with Sinar 4 in. filters

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by kent_phelan, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. Can anybody tell me who makes filters that will fit a Sinar 100mm
    filter holder? Evidently Sinar stopped making filters some time
    ago, and I've heard that other 4x4 filters are too thick for the
    Sinar holder.

    All ideas appreciated. Thanks much.

    ---Kent Phelan
  2. Look up the square filters on the B&H website. Lee, Tiffen and others make the 4"/100mm square and 4x6 rectangular filters as well as their own lines of filter holders. I recall that B&W and Heliopan used to make some as well but these are probably harder to find. Lee may be the thinest (1.5mm) but perhaps a 1mm variety also exists.
  3. the Sinar 100mm filters are only 1mm thick. The nearly identical (they are made from the
    same set of patents) Lee filters are 1.5mm. I think the Hitech (Formatt i nthe UK) filters
    may also be 1.5mm thick. I dumped my Sinar holders years ago for the Lee Foundation Kit
    holder which can be adjusted to hold filters of various thickness.
  4. Although even the Lee foundation system is expensive, it's flexibility is worth the investment-- kinda the reason I sent Kent to B&H to peruse the options.
  5. Thanks everyone. I will investigate the Lee system.


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