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  1. Hello, I'm Jeff, and I live in NW Alberta. I got into photography seriously in the 90's with a Pentax K1000, which I have since learned is an excellent unit for beginners. Unfortunately it didn't swim very well on a canoe trip with my son so it was replaced with a Pentax MX 50, which was joined by a Pentax MZ 6. I have been fortunate to be able to acquire a number of lenses and filters to enhance my nature and wildlife shooting. No, I don't shoot with bullets, just film. Four years ago I finally went digital with a Pentax K10 D and hit a wall. For some reason having a digital took the thrill and enjoyment out of taking pictures. I had been interested in medium format and recently found a Mamiya RB67 Pro S at a local pawn shop. Somehow the magic and excitement has returned and I look forward to lugging my 50 lbs of gear around the backcountry burning film. Going back to a manual camera takes me back to the basics of taking pictures where one has to think about what to do to get the shot. I guess it's the technical side of it that makes the grey matter work that turns my crank. Nature, wildlife, and landscape photography is what I like, although I did my son's wedding shoot which turned out fine and cheaper for him. When I get some decent shots with my RB I'll post a few pics up here on PN.
  2. Welcome to photo.net, Jeff, from an ex-pat western Canadian. It's good to see you've found an approach to photography that keeps you interested, and you'll get lots of opportunities to debate the right way to take a photo if you hang around these pages. Good luck - look forward to seeing more of your stuff.

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