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  1. Hello all. I stumbled upon this site when I was looking for a bit of information on an old camera, namely an AGFA Silette SL. It looked like an interesting place, so here I am. Originally from Scotland, I have, aside from a period in the 1970s, been living in Australia since 1958.

    I have been taking photographs since the early 1960s, of which I intend to post a selection. I also have all of my late father's photographs (he passed away in 2012), which include colour slides of our journey to Australia, and some earlier black and white photographs he took while on service with the RAF during World War II, although I'm not sure if I am allowed to post any of them, as they are not my own work.

    Most of my photographs were taken with a Minolta SRT101, until I succumbed to the convenience of a Panasonic Lumix point and shoot camera. I have now taken steps to reverse this error by purchasing the aforesaid AGFA Silette.
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    Gidday and welcome.

    I have fond memories of the SRT101, and later my 303b.


    According to the Photo.net Terms of Use you cannot publish those images here. What you can do, is post a LINK to them, if you store them somewhere else.

  3. Thanks for the clarification. I was thinking that it was worth asking, but I was half expecting that to be the answer. Other than ten or so I have on Flickr, I don't have them stored anywhere other than on my computer, nor do I plan to store them anywhere else.

    I just posted a few photos of my own, but searching through what I have highlighted that I have a lot of work to do in indexing them and, as a lot of them are scans of colour slides, editing out dust and other similar imperfections.
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    Yes you can expect that answer as the rules about posting only one's own work are quite clear in the Terms and Conditions and User Guideliens.

    In a forum discussion you, may link to your Dad's images that you have on Flickr, but you cannot link to an image for a contribution to the No Words Forum.

    The No Words Forum has local forum guidelines. These are posted as "sticky" thread at the top of the forum: [LINK]

    I have removed all but the first image that you recently posted in the No Words thread "Car Show" - multiple postings in one thread is a common mistake by anew member, don't sweat it.

    Other forums have local guidelines also - two which come to mind are: Wedding and Social Events and Casual Photo Conversations.

    Scanning old slides and the Post Production is tedious, but often very rewarding.

  5. Yes. Sorry about that. I realised my mistake after I posted it, but I couldn't see a way to get back in and edit the post to remove the extra photos.
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    After publishing anything (words, images, links etc) in a forum, a Member has ten minutes whereupon they can make an edit. This is a relative new feature to the site, considering its age. Before this amendment, there was no edit facility whatsoever. One of the fundamental (founding) principles of the site was that Members are responsible for what they publish. This is mentioned for information and the background to that information and not as the topic for general debate on this thread.

    No need to be sorry, as mentioned, it is a common mistake by new members

    As you've surely realized, the selection of many images taken at The King's School are OK to post - being in a different forum. The final Humber is cute - amongst other idiosyncrasies, I collect expressive Number Plates.

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