Heidelberg Linoscan 1400

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by rob_ruttan, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. I recently spotted a used (demo) Heidelberg Linoscan 1400 for $99.00 from a very
    reputable dealer (minus box accessories and software). I think these are out of
    production...if I'm right, does anyone know how long ago they went out, and were
    they, in fact, any good?
  2. They've been out of production for 5-6 years. $99 is about it's worth, if that. It won't do as
    good as a new Microtek i800 for around 300. Waste of money IMO.
  3. Hard to say. If it's working properly and you can handle the SCSI connection it might be worth a try for $99. However, I bought one new from B&H for about $1000 shortly before they were discontinued. It never worked right from day one and after two years of frustration and a couple hundred dollars of shipping costs in a fruitless effort to have it properly repaired I gave up and literally took it to the local dump. Heidelberg stopped supporting these scanners years ago. They dropped their U.S. tech support and my last emails to Germany went unanswered.

    You wouldn't want the software even if it was included (though I'm puzzled as to why a demo wouldn't have the software). Vuescan worked better with mine than the included software anyhow. Not sure what you mean by "minus accessories." Other than cables the only accessories I remember coming with mine were some calibration strips and film holders I think. Umax (?) makes/made negative holders that were better than the ones that came with the Linoscan and I ended up using them.

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